Thursday, December 27, 2012

#583 - Updates on my Wisdom Teeth Surgery

After many entries of my sinful indulgences, I have disappeared from the blogosphere.
Partly because my life ain't that happening already, as I had my surgery on the 19th this month.

Gonna type out whatever I remember about the surgery because it was my first time experiencing such a thing aka General Anaesthesia and hopefully *touches wood* my last time too!
A very wordy entry I must say.

On the day of the surgery:
I was nervous yet excited because I wanted to get those darn wisdom teeth and my canine out as soon as possible but I am quite scared of pain. :/

Was informed to come by NDC (National Dental Centre) at 10am. 

Had to change into this surgical outfit with this laoahpek shoes before that!

And I actually waited till 12pm before I walked into the surgery room.
Ya walked, not like those drama kind where they push you in on your hospital bed.

Then I was told to climb on the surgical bed which was a little too high for me HAHA.
Put to lie on this donut shaped pillow which I highly suspected is the cause of my aching neck which lasted a few days and then I was injected on the back of my left palm which bruised up and still hurts a little when I pressed it now.

Then one of the nurses made me breath in this super cooling gas called Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas (I went to Google, all the while I thought it was Oxygen), it didn't make me laugh though, I coughed crazily instead. Then the doctor started pouring (?) some liquid into the hole she injected or something, and after a while, my vision started to blur (like those scenes in dramas of people who were about to faint) and I KO-ed.

Next thing I know, the nurse was shaking me gently to wake me up.
It felt super fast but my LMZ told me it took around 1 hour?
I had a good sleep and even dreamt of stuff which made me wake up tearing. -_-
The nurse wiped my tears and told me I was done.
My mouth was stuffed with thick gauzes and I couldn't talk much and my throat was freaking dry I requested water which was then dripped down into my mouth pathetically...

Shortly later, I was pushed to my ward (now is more drama-like HAHA) where I could rest before my 'senses' all woke up.
I couldn't even sleep at all lahh, like with the babies crying and nurses talking loudly.
I can only lie down and swallow saliva weirdly because of the gauze and I have no idea why up till then, tears were still slowly flowing out of my eyes. DOH.

So I sort of like lay there for probably 2 hours and then the nurse changed my gauzes (what a bloody mess, even my pillow case and blanket were stained with blood) fed me glucose water with meds and then I had to wait for the dentist/doctor to arrive and check if I am alright to go home.

The moment I reach home, slept straight away! (Y)

Shall continue this entry soon I guess, Google's Picasa is being a bitch and refused to let me upload any photos! :(

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