Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#693 -

Had Japanese food for dinner 2 days straight with loads of sashimi.
It's so funny how last time I really cannot even swallow sashimi and wonder why people enjoy such things and now I am loving every bit of it.

First was dinner at Itacho Sushi w the family celebrating LMZ's belated birthday! The first time I had sashimi and appreciated it was at Itacho, their sashimi are always so fresh. :)

 *swallows saliva*

We maxed out the order for the $0.40/$0.60 sushi. :D

 LMZ got scared of sashimi towards the end, sashimi overload she said hahaha.

 Tried sea urchin for the first time.
Verdict: Tasted very fishy, worse than those oysters in the oyster omelette. Guess it's an aquired taste that not many can appreciate.

Bloated max after the yummy meal.

The next day was sashimi spam at Standing Sushi Bar w the MSE people! :)

Somehow, a lot of people didn't make it in the end, and I also ended up being the only girl. LMZ was like 哇, 你跟那么多男的出去啊? 没有女的? LOL.

100 pieces of sashimi for the 6 of us. They were thicker and fresher the last time I had them, and I was so disappointed they remove oyster from the menu!! WHY.

Spent a long time deciding where to head to after that since we always never fail to digress from the main topic. Helios trait lolol.

Desserts at 糖水先!

8 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189029
Tel 63330428

No Monday blues because of them!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#692 - Food As Motivation #37 - Au Chocolat / #fooddieus

It has been closed to 3 months since I stopped my F.A.M. trips. Time flies! Resumed it just recently where Pei Wen and I visited Au Chocolat the other day since we were near MBS! Actually probably going to stop it till June. Can't wait to have F.A.M.s in Korea w Raine. :D

My main aim was to try truffle fries (w so many ravings about it, which I don't get the hype) and also not forgetting, Eggs Benedict. :D

After so long, this F.A.M. was an expensive one... Guess future F.A.M. have to be more budget.

Truffle Fries (SGD15)
The portion of fries were HUGE (filled fully) and we couldn't finish it. But I still think $15 is too much for fries. Maybe truffle oil is what jacked up the price.. /:

What I love that they were served hot and the smell of the truffle oil was rather strong. Dipping them together w the BBQ sauce/mayonnaise provided was perfect.

So.. what does truffle fries taste like? I guess it's a kind of taste not really describable, you'd have to try it for yourself. I remember people describing it as similar to petroleum (which I couldn't get it then since I have yet to try but now I do), yes it does taste/smell a little like petroleum. HAHA.

The Little Piggy Benedict (SGD20)
The eggs benedict was sadly disappointing. The egg yolks were a little cooked and the hollandaise sauce tasted like butter. Just butter. That's not what hollandaise sauce should taste like. The menu stated buttery hollandaise sauce, I didn't know it mean butter sauce. /:

The bacon were good though, not salty at all!

Duck Confit (SGD28)
Don't know what I was thinking, so expensive yet I still ordered it. I was probably really hungry and the ravings were rather positive online. We expected a lot from this dish, which sadly disappointed us. 

The duck was super salty on its own, and the flavour was enhanced w the weird chocolate orange sauce. Guess we can't appreciate such interesting fusion. /: The potato mash tasted like those instant powder kind and I guess the best out of this dish was the spinach. We didn't finish this dish.

Calories wasted on sub standard food, mehh. And not to mention, the bill came up to $74+ for bill. Goodness. We didn't even order any drinks and they don't have iced water. Only distilled/sparkling water at 6 freaking dollars. ._.

The waiter was like "Are you sure no water? You can share...." I was like "Sorry it's okay." and smiled at him while deep inside I was already rolling my eyes. Your water from some holy stream?! Lolol.

Probably wouldn't head back again even if their truffle fries are good. I am sure I can find better and cheaper truffle fries elsewhere.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bay Level L1-03
Singapore 018956
Tel 66887227

So to offset the expensive brunch, we had a wayyy cheaper dinner at City Plaza, where the place's known for its handmade noodles.

Abalone Clam Hand Made Yu Mee (SGD5)
This bowl of noodles comes in $4 or $5, with the latter allowing you to add more clams or noodles. We opted for more abalone clams.

When I first tasted it, it felt pretty normal to me. I guess the taste sort of got to me as I had more. The soup is light yet not too bland, and you can still taste the flavour! Not sure how the abalone clams are supposed to taste, but I like their chewy texture. The chili... is so spicy yet so good. And this is the only time I eat the veggies in hand made noodles! Prefer this veggie over chye sim! :)

Luncheon Meat (SGD3)
I loveeeee luncheon meat. Ya I know this is pretty unhealthy since it's canned food but hey, it's so yummy. These were fried to perfection and yet not oily at all. Amazed. Goes well with the chili!

Other than luncheon meat for sides, they have other food like fried beancurd, ikan bilis as well. They give queue tags upon order, so all we have to do is just to get seats and wait for the food to arrive. Queue tags only apply to the noodles, not the sides. Sides are for self-collection. Got to mention that the seating area is quite dirty though. /:

Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle
 810 Geyland Road
City Plaza #05-02
Singapore 409286
Tel 68424524

Ended the night at Ah Chew Desserts at Liang Seah Street! The queue was so long.

Love the Mango Sango w Pomelo. :)

Ah Chew Desserts
1 Liang Seah Street
Liang Seah Place #01-10/11
Tel 63398198

#fooddieus totally man!

Friday, April 18, 2014

#691 - Brother's POP

Yeah I know I haven't been active on Blogger lately, but hey I am back!

Just last week, I attended my brother's POP at The Floating Platform! I have never been to a POP before except for one at the Pasir Laba Camp so I guess it was quite a new experience for me.

The day started a gloomy one and then it started drizzling.

All of us started wearing our ponchos, with the wind howling, it could pour heavily any moment.

Looking 狼狈 here, constantly 'eating' hair.

And yes, it did pour. T.T

Everyone started whipping out their umbrellas and I was so pleased w myself (lol) that I brought one too. It was such a horrible feeling, being caught in the heavy rain in the open air and not being able to move about much for fear of getting your bums wet. By then, my shoes and socks were soaked.

Miraculously, the sky decided to show us and the army boys some mercy. It stopped the moment they started marching out. Thank goodness.

Same same but different, relieved faces when the rain stopped!

 I was just looking forward to the throwing of berets (is that what they are called?) and meeting my brother so to be honest, the whole process was quite a long one. Hahaha.

Which explained why we camwhored and went to the toilet and then that was when I caught a strong overpowering smell of BO.
Looked down and saw this!

The stench 扑鼻而来 and it was er.. 终生难忘! LOL.

Left the place asap and waited for the throwing of berets part to start.

And then it was time to go meet your sons/brothers/boyfriends/friends. We were let down in batches but I swear some people were just too eager. They started to go down by stepping on the chairs and in the process dirtying it. I see lots of ladies in dresses doing the same. *smh* Seriously, your sons/brothers/boyfriends/friends will still be there waiting for you, it's not as though they will leave right. Just a few minutes' wait, be patient. Calm your tits yo!!

One of my fears, a crowd full of people. :O

On the way down, my parents kept exclaiming they saw my brother and were both very certain the guy they saw was him. My cousin and I were like NOOOOO, that's not him, but they were both really insistent. Turned out... my cousin and I were right. And the guy turns out to be a Malay dude. Well done, Dad and Mum.

Reached the ground and the smell arrived. WOOOO. Finally found the brother, thank goodness he's tall enough to be spotted and we quickly walked to some open air place where there was less or no smell.

 Family photo! :)

And then it was home sweet home for them!

Oh and I happened to blog this on the day he knows his vocation which is today lahh.

Hmm, let's just say it's not something I actually wish he goes to. *say like I know the different vocations and what they do very well. /: I only know officer, sergeant, storeman, MP, airforce*

But I do wish him all the best. :)


Have been watching The Return of Superman lately because the kids are so cute! Their thoughts and expressions never fail to make me go aww. Gonna catch up w all the episodes soon!

Then after that, Imma go back to watching Korean dramas (it has been long)! Secret and God's Gift! And then continue my Sherlock.