Friday, April 18, 2014

#691 - Brother's POP

Yeah I know I haven't been active on Blogger lately, but hey I am back!

Just last week, I attended my brother's POP at The Floating Platform! I have never been to a POP before except for one at the Pasir Laba Camp so I guess it was quite a new experience for me.

The day started a gloomy one and then it started drizzling.

All of us started wearing our ponchos, with the wind howling, it could pour heavily any moment.

Looking 狼狈 here, constantly 'eating' hair.

And yes, it did pour. T.T

Everyone started whipping out their umbrellas and I was so pleased w myself (lol) that I brought one too. It was such a horrible feeling, being caught in the heavy rain in the open air and not being able to move about much for fear of getting your bums wet. By then, my shoes and socks were soaked.

Miraculously, the sky decided to show us and the army boys some mercy. It stopped the moment they started marching out. Thank goodness.

Same same but different, relieved faces when the rain stopped!

 I was just looking forward to the throwing of berets (is that what they are called?) and meeting my brother so to be honest, the whole process was quite a long one. Hahaha.

Which explained why we camwhored and went to the toilet and then that was when I caught a strong overpowering smell of BO.
Looked down and saw this!

The stench 扑鼻而来 and it was er.. 终生难忘! LOL.

Left the place asap and waited for the throwing of berets part to start.

And then it was time to go meet your sons/brothers/boyfriends/friends. We were let down in batches but I swear some people were just too eager. They started to go down by stepping on the chairs and in the process dirtying it. I see lots of ladies in dresses doing the same. *smh* Seriously, your sons/brothers/boyfriends/friends will still be there waiting for you, it's not as though they will leave right. Just a few minutes' wait, be patient. Calm your tits yo!!

One of my fears, a crowd full of people. :O

On the way down, my parents kept exclaiming they saw my brother and were both very certain the guy they saw was him. My cousin and I were like NOOOOO, that's not him, but they were both really insistent. Turned out... my cousin and I were right. And the guy turns out to be a Malay dude. Well done, Dad and Mum.

Reached the ground and the smell arrived. WOOOO. Finally found the brother, thank goodness he's tall enough to be spotted and we quickly walked to some open air place where there was less or no smell.

 Family photo! :)

And then it was home sweet home for them!

Oh and I happened to blog this on the day he knows his vocation which is today lahh.

Hmm, let's just say it's not something I actually wish he goes to. *say like I know the different vocations and what they do very well. /: I only know officer, sergeant, storeman, MP, airforce*

But I do wish him all the best. :)


Have been watching The Return of Superman lately because the kids are so cute! Their thoughts and expressions never fail to make me go aww. Gonna catch up w all the episodes soon!

Then after that, Imma go back to watching Korean dramas (it has been long)! Secret and God's Gift! And then continue my Sherlock.

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