Saturday, March 29, 2014

#690 - One Year w Braces

It's officially a year since I had braces on!! :D

And like I said on Dayre, most of the people's reaction to my one year announcement would probably be:

But it's a erm... milestone for me I guess.
Here's some photos for throwback!
Quite a narcissistic entry actually, but I just wanna track my progress. :)
I even put a side by side comparison towards the end!

Before I had braces...

A photo that has been my Facebook profile picture for close to 2 years already omg....
I still haven't found a suitable one to change to!

When I look at this photo, I was shocked by how round like 面包超人 my face was. To think I used to think I look nice in this photo. ._.

With my LMZ at the zoo!

CNY last year!

The day before I got my braces on.

28 March 2013.
The journey of braces started! Ulcers, food stuck in braces, sore gums... everything.
And *poof* my first set of braces, which got me the Bluetooth nice from le friends. -.-
At that moment, there were 4 gaps from the 4 teeth extracted.

13 April 2013.

16 May 2013.

25 May 2013.

28 May 2013.
The second tooth next to the bunny tooth (on the left, if you are facing me) is no longer hidden by the bunny tooth. I used to be not able to touch the whole back of my bunny tooth with my tongue because of the tooth hiding behind, and now I can! And that's just 2 months of braces!

16 June 2013.

4 July 2013.

6 July 2013.

9 July 2013.
Teeth was not centralised for the top row, with them moving more to the right which covered most, if not all of the gap from the extracted tooth.

17 July 2013.

1 August 2013.

6 August 2013.

17 August 2013.
Face was then still as round....

22 August 2013.
It then started looking like I've aged a lot, the tiredness was showing on my face...
And I think somewhere around here, one of my gaps fully closed up. :)

25 August 2013.

10 September 2013.

15 September 2013.

It was half a year of braces come October.
Not sure if anyone notice, but my upper row of teeth are no longer protruding and resting on top of my lower lip when I smile. The teeth are all pushed in to close up the gaps at the side.

I have never realised my teeth were so protruding until I looked back at the photos. I had thought I looked normal then!!

16 October 2013.

9 November 2013.

13 November 2013.

14 November 2013.

7 December 2013.

 8 December 2013.

17 December 2013.

19 December 2013.

 20 December 2013.

31 December 2013.

2 January 2014.

11 January 2014.

18 January 2014.

19 January 2014.

31 January 2014.
Last year Chinese New Year, I didn't even have braces on. And now emBRAC(E)-ing them.
Oh and I have too many people asking if le bro is my boyfriend. ._.

12 February 2014.

23 February 2014.
I'd like to believe that my face has slimmed down and it's not due to the angle.
Yes and I started opening up more to the idea of posing on my right side lolol.

A side by side comparison to show how much my teeth moved (in, no more protruding teeth, although I can't decide if I really like how in the teeth shifted) and fats too lolol.

16 March 2014.

22 March 2014.
First time in a bun!!!

As of now, no photos are taken because of my face condition. For those who know, it's healing real fine, just a little red at the moment. For those who don't, it is some supposed allergy from the medicine I consumed for my sudden rashes allergy. Allergy-ception yeah.

Just changed my braces colour to rose yesterday. And my gums are so damn sore now. Not complaining though, that's kind of what I wanted so it will make me eat less lolol.

Okay, so that basically sums up my one year of braces journey! Probably one more year to come before I can have perfect straight teeth! I can't wait! :D


  1. Our faces changed together I realised hahaha and I looked drunk in the photo, August 2013! :O

    1. Hahaha yeah but change for the better! (Y) We had some drinks, so I guess you had the Asian flush!


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