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hahahahas. amazing race yesterday was great and i totally enjoyed it despite the fact that part of it screwed up and my group was being insulted by some shitty girl. anyway, gonna typed one detailed post on it since it was a memorable day for me. hahahaha.

we left classes at 12 for lunch. then we took all those stuff needed and stuffed them into ain's bag. :D then met at the library for the briefing. a lot of time were wasted there since there were some problems faced. then we were introduced to our faciliator, i cant remember her name and photos were taken. until like ages later, they start to announce your group names and ours was 'kite', which we thought sounded so gay. :X next, we were told that the race was about to start and we have to find the first clue from the book shelves. had a hard time finding it and the books were in a mess thanks to all of us in a rush to find it. in the end, timothy found it. it was something like a crossword puzzle which i dont think it was but they claimed it is, it's more like a word search, where we had to find the answers to the questions given. we have to have at least 10 questions correct. then we were done and got the clue from the incharge.

first stop was civilian war memorial and thankfully, ain drawn a map the day before and therefore we knew our way there. when we ran to the mrt station, we saw the other 3c group. turns out we are heading towards the same place. thus we were happily chatting while on the train. :) when we reached city hall, we were like dont know where to head. so i asked around. then we ran here and there. :O then we finally found the way there, while running in the rain. it was a very nice feeling though. it was my first time seeing the chopsticks-like war memorial and i have to admit i was amazed. okay, i know i very suaku, because following later, where we went to even more historical sites, i wasnt feeling really proud to be in singapore for 15 years and there are still many places i have never seen before. imagine if i were to live in russia, the biggest country on earth! okay, when we reached there, we were being told by the stationmasters to make a stable and tall structure using straws and masking tapes. so we split up the work and our so-called stable structure was done. our group got 35 points while aisyah's got 30. yay-ness! :DD

we were given the clue later and our next station was the esplanade. we ran in the rain again and fortunately esplanade was quite near the civilian war memorial. had a hard time finding where the main lobby of the esplanade was and i swear people thought we were crazy as it was quite quiet there and we were like breaking the silence. anyway, both our groups found the stationmasters finally and we were told to read up on the history and stuff related to the esplanade at one of the information booth or something for 10 mins as questions are going to be asked later. during these 10minutes, all of us were using our brain cells and trying hard to get much of it into our brains. time was up soon and we were given a worksheet and were told that we only have to get 12 correct to complete our stations. again, we, the 2 groups from 3c helped each other, and the stationmaster told us that this is going to be the last time we helped one another although we are from the same class and it doesnt matter who win. so we were all giving the ): face.

anyway, our next stop was the victoria memorial hall, and we started off by going to the wrong place. aisyah's group had already split up with us. )): so when we finally reached the station, they were already about to start on what they are doing already. we had to play a game called 'charades' where one had to read from the paper and make actions (we are not supposed to talk) while the other three guessed. i was the one doing the actions. and yeah, it was quite hard, for example, we have got one 'question' which was Lee Kuan Yew, and i was like huh? how to show it out? faggot. but i dont know why, timothy managed to say his name. haha. then (okay, i hate this part), the 'question' was 'The King & I' and i was like doing the crown thing. the groups members managed to figure out the 'king' and the 'i' part so what was left was the 'the' and the '&'. i was like counting the alphabets so that they know what it was, they got it but the word order was wrong and the stationmaster said something like, 'Looks like i am not the most stupid one here.' @$^(*^%(^(#&(^#! faggot her lah. you so clever you come do lah, screw you. i dont want to scold you lohr, but you kind of spoil the day. hate you. you know the answer, obviously you can guess right. i think you are the stupid one. :/

anyway, our next station was asian civilisation museum, another part where our group wasnt really happy at. we met aisyah's group there anyway. so we were told that the clue is hidden somewhere in the museum and two group members have to go and find it. the hint was 'Southeast Asia, China'. timothy and ain went for this. and they took a long time there, and in the end, when they came back, with roger and ivy too, it turned out that that timothy had found the clue for roger's group and ours wasnt there. faggot. and then they checked and then it was confirmed that our clue wasnt even there in the first place. and by the time plans were made, calls were made, half an hour just said byebye to us. faggot. they just told us to go to the sir stamford raffles statue. which we have adsolutely no idea.

then we crossed the cavenagh bridge and i got excited because i have never been on this bridge before. hahahah. and i saw the statue i dont know how to describe but i got a picture of it but it cant be uploaded. ohwell. then asked a i-forgot-what-you-call, i think a porter or something standing outside fullerton hotel and he told us the way there. (unfairness arriving soon huh, i got loads to complain) when we finally reached there, we were told to get 3 different songs, one is the national anthem, the other the school song and the last one, a song of our choice. and through this, i realised that the angmohs are friendlier than the singaporeans loh, not to be country-ist or what, no offence. yeah. the last song, we sang twinkle twinkle little star, laugh laugh laugh. then later, we found out that, we were being treated unfairly again, other group only had to sing 2 songs, the national anthem and the school song, but we had to sing 3, which i think wasted 5mins more of our precious time! screw the faciliators man.

next station was the old parliament house or the supreme court, we had no idea where to go. so we went back to the asian civilisation museum and i asked the friendly old lady where it was. she was kind enough to go out of the museum and showed me the directions. without further ado, we ran there all the way. saw roger's group there 3/4 done. and they left later, leaving us. 2 members were chosen for this, and jiazhi and i were the ones. we were supposed to look at the pictures and guessed what the places were. i remembered one where they showed a picture of some villages on fire, and roger telling me the last picture, the clue was swee heng. so i said swee heng all the way, and the stationmaster asked me if i was hungry or something. turned out that the answer was bukit ho swee fire. i was like saying the chinese one, 'he shui shan'. until like finally we got the answer and was given the last clue for the last station.

FORT CANNING PARK. had thought of taking a taxi but couldnt with the facilitator, which means 5 of us. so we were walking aimlessly around. then we finally found the place after passing by the central fire station. and i so hate the person who create/build the park. we had to climb so high, so many steps and by then, we were all tired already, my legs were sore! POO! ): the park was like a maze! when we nearly reached the destination, jared/gerard or however you spell it, dropped something he thought wasnt important. timothy picked it up and turns out was some points. 20 points to be exact. so we earnt 20points effortlessly. hahaha! :D climbed up flights of stairs again. the last task for us before going back to school was to make a singapore flag using straws and then later answer 5 questions given. instructions were not given properly and we didnt know we had to make a flag the size of the table there. ours was smaller in size and when the stationmaster pointed that out, we were complaining to them our misfortunes so we dont have to redo the flag. haha. when we were done, questions given were answered and we were running all the way down already. decided on taking bus 190 since the mrt was quite far away. the flag was already broken then.

when 190 finally reached the cck interchange, we ran like mad. when we reached the school, we were told we were the 4th to come back. :D and i was like thinking if we didnt have so many misfortunes on the way, would we still be 4th? hur. anyway, found out that 3c might have a chance of getting first. since roger's group came back together with one of the groups from 3d. so at least there's still something to be happy about. but i seriously hope jard/gerard do something about the misfortunes we faced lah, cos it's really like so screwed. i hope we were given back a gong dao. hahahah. we chatted while waiting for the other groups to come back. and yeah, waited till 7 and ate pizzas.

then the 8 3c-ians went to Mac to spend away the 12 bucks given for each group and had lots of fun yesterday in Mac laughing like crazyea clowns and weeweeing white stuff. (inside joke) reached home at 8 plus that day. (:


Thanks to my group members for being such good team-mates, i hope to work again with you guys if there's something like this again! (: I LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS OKAY! :DD

Thanks to Ain for sacrificing your bag to let us store our stuff inside despite the heavy weight. and also for drawing the map which i can understand because i can never read maps that were printed for the intellectual people although i am one myself. hahaha.

Thanks to JiaZhi for the M&M and helping me carry the heavy bag which i had to run with and lending me your handphone to call home. hahahaha.

Thanks to Timothy for trying to form the structure while we were connecting the straws and erm, taking the flag running down the flight of stairs? hahahaha.

Thanks to the facilitator, i dont know the name for running with us. hahahah.

Thanks to the stationmasters except for the one who insulted us for the fun we had.

Thanks to the organisers plus mrs ram for organising this whole thing so that our classmates can bond better and the suaku me can see more of what is like in singapore instead of frequently going round and round in cck estate. and also letting me run a lot and sweat. shiok!

Thanks to all those who in a way helped us during the game. Your help is greatly appreciated.


(click on image for larger version)

when you look up of the civilian war memorial. i think it's beautiful. (:


victoria memorial hall.

asian civilisation museum.

cavenagh bridge. (:
sir stamford raffles statue.
far view of old supreme court.
the central fire station.
the canyon at fort canning park. should be a real one i guess.

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yvonne told me to post about saving the environment so i thought it would be good as i got nothing much to post about today. :D

amazing race tmrw. so excited, we get to leave school earlier, at 12! :D which means we are gonna miss HCL. :DDDD
okay, er, so we had 2 teams from 3c competiting with the rest. jiazhi, ain and timothy are in my group, while syahirah, aisyah, roger and ivy in the other. :)

replies to tags:
Patriarch.Z: haha. tests suck big time! D:
Thaqif: okay. i will tag you one. (((:
ZHENYI!: yeah. fun! i hope the next appointment comes soon! :DD

Thursday, July 26, 2007

hahaha, i haven been blogging for days. and i realised in the previous post i typed 'replies to tags from 22 August onwards'. haha, mistake. thanks to zhenyi for telling me about it. :D

anyway, this week has been so horrible. we had so many tests. ):
on monday, we had chinese comprehension test.
on tuesday, we had history and emaths common tests.
on wednesday, we had chemistry and english tests.
on thursday (tomorrow), we're gonna haven physics test.
on friday, i have no idea i will survive. ))):

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anyone fancy the cheesy/cheese fondue from pizza hut? i am finding someone to jio/accompany and eat it. and apparently, there ain't alot of cheese lovers from what i know. anyway, if anyone is interested, just tag at the tagboard, or you can sms me so we can plan a date and go taste it together. :D

random stuff. i think that's SOTD is getting worser each day. it's almost the same people getting the title and the layouts are all almost the same. )):


replies to tags from 22 Aug onwards:
Thaqif: hello. thanks for tagging! :D
ZONA.: haha. okay. will relink you asap! :)
Patriarch.Z: haha. okay. but i dont have your url. funneh! :D
x3playhouse: get the codes from there. haha. :)
jiaying`: haha. at least you did. lols. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

a special day for the 2a-ians`o6. it marks the first anniversary of cfn, where we had many many beautiful memories. *groans* i doubt many 2a-ians`o6 remember this date. )):

anyway, went out with nat, wanlin and hweisze ytd. went to tiong bahru plaza first since nat wanted to get the harry potter book. by the time we went there, there were already long queues at the counter. :O since all of us wanted venezia ice-cream, hweisze and i went to buy it. the ice-cream was okay, not really yummeh, we got choc-chip&vanilla's. probably the other flavours were nicer. okay. then we went to bugis and had sakae sushi for lunch. while walking to bugis street, we saw this (i think) eight-tiered wedding cake which is supposed to be the biggest ever in singapore. i remembered vaguely that it was 3.5m tall and required 5000 eggs for it. flabbergasted. shopped later and each of us got a top of different colours that comes with necklaces. nat and wanlin left later and hweisze and i shopped a little while, went to have tako balls and it was home sweet home.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

today was not really a good day i guess. everyone around me seems to be emo-ing. ): the wei xing xiao shuo test was quite easy. yeah. lunched at pastamania at westmall later. talked alot. and i realised that sometimes we gather together like this and talk is a very good feeling. brief post today, tired. :X shant reply to tags today.

Friday, July 20, 2007

siansational day. it kept raining and the weather was cold, so it was a good time to sleep. lessons were boring today and i had a hard time struggling to keep awake. ): PC Pilot Testing was boring too, we had to do 2 quizzes, i got 91 for one and 75 for the other. oh well.

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hs: what. tag me also mafan. BOO. ):
jiaying`: haha. i dont know when i am gonna like get it since he said he hasnt get it from i-dont-know who yet. :/
may: haha. send you ler. :D faster use your com lehs. i want songs! :)
YUNhui: we didnt manage to go your house today huh. another day perhaps. (:
jiaying`: okay. i tagged you le, alright. :D
ZHENYI!: glad you know that. haha. thanks for the tag. (:
[[MISTER*CHONG-]]`-: are you being sarcastic or something? :X
Yongkian!: thanks! :D fonts are from and brushes from you have to dl the abr version and then load them into adobe from the brushes column. yepps. (:
huiisian: yah lah. i know you busy dating with your new-found love. thanks for helping me get rid of my rumour. oh hoho. :D
Vernon and Sis: what? boo lah. i like shawn cannot ah? bleh!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mol = mass/mr
1 mol of gas is 24dm³.
mol = concentration in mol/dm³ X volume in dm³
concentration in mol/dm³ = g/dm³ ÷ Mr

screw these formulas. screw chemistry ct. i think i am gonna flunk it lah. plus it's only on acids and mole concept. what would happen if base and salt are included. but one thing i know. i wont get 0 for the test. cos i answered 2 qns correctly, at least 2 marks. not bad. hahahah. but still, DIE! FAGGOT LAH. ): i dont want to take back the paper liao. BOO.

anyway, css last night, and dearest shawn got in the revival round. love love love! YAY-NESS. his voice is so nice nice nice until i can die to hear it. i hope he dont break his voice until after the competition, i shant cross my fingers cos everytime i do that, bad luck will arrive. haha. huixian got in for the girls. :DD
i personally think that the people (i didnt point my finger at who) wanted to earn money so badly that they let shawn out when at that time he got high marks. then he could kill everyone at the revival round when his supporters voted and money will come rolling to the people. so dumb lah. so materialistic. make shawn cry. BOO. THUMBS DOWN TO YOU MONEY-FACE PEOPLE. and no offence to his fans or whatever i say first, i think that xubin got in the css because of his looks. i was looking forward to css2 because he was inside and one of the good-looking among the rest of the guys but he disappointed in the first round when he sang 'chu ci zhi wai'. i was faggot. he didnt chew his words well, his beat was wrong and his pitch too. sigh. as i say, the people (once again, i didnt point fingers at anyone) desperately want to earn money so they let him in cos they know his looks will earn supporters and then in turn, the supporters will vote and money will go to them again. if i am a billionaire, i think i will throw money in their face like it's only 5cents just to see their eyes turn into ($)_($) and scramble around for money. then i will use my phone and take a video of it and upload it in YouTube, hahaha.

note : whatever i posted on top is only how i felt now. no offence seriously. i dont want to get bash up. :/

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syahid: haha, i dont know anything. :D
shu ni: where got alot? the guys dont care one lah. just play their own games. lols. :)
Thaqif: hahah. thank you then. so good ah, :D
Cheri: i have already relink, lols. :)
k.hong: yah loh. so long never come tag me liao. hahah. i am craving for hi-chew now. want to trade? :)
jiaying`: haha. luckily now no more le. if not i have to keep entering and stopping the website. so troublesome. ): thanks for the comment. i can help you do if you want but my trial left only like 4 days. have to wait until haiqel lend me his disc. (:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PE was basketball today. for constant 5weeks. i wasnt happy with the arrangement at first, due to the fact that i suck in basketball. D: but after playing it and all, i began to realise it was really a nice game, at least it made me sweat. (: it was whole 2 periods and i think overall it was great lah. okay, that was so random.

we had 'o' level listening oral today and i think i screw it badly. ): at first, i wasnt really worried until at the end of the listening, everyone started discussing about the qns and answers. then i was very huang zhang already. but what over is already over. so yeah. :/ i strive to do well for my paper 1 and 2 then. :D

anyway, made use of the time left in adobe trial and came up with a profile page for my friendster and blogskins page. quite proud of it. hahahahah. used brushes for the image thing. (: (click on it for larger version or you can go to my friendster page for a live-er preview. :D)

Monday, July 16, 2007

screw friendster. whatever page i enter, it always has a stupid pop-up where they said that i have been chosen to participate in some stupid BMW test. oh how lame is that! ):

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yuxuan: hmm. no shuhun. that is for my ah gong. hahaha. the name's taken. chose another one. boo. :D
YILI: okay. just joking, yaknow yaknow, hahahaha. ;D
cheri: okay. will relink asap. (:
kaii xiin: haha. thanks. too much sometimes abit distracting though. :X okay. will relink you asap. (:
shu ni: ehh. )): dont call me that lah. and you are? (:
Yongkian!: hahah. not yet. watching with cousins and the date still not really confirmed. you? (:

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

hahah! it's friday the thirteenth today, and i dont know about it at all until like someone mentioned it. okay, that's very random but i have got nothing to post so yeah.

anyway, go to this website. it has videos of the actors and actresses in the show shou zu telling ghost stories. some are quite lame though. lol.


replies to tags:
jiaying`: haha. ahem. you cute? *COUGH*
may: heheh. thanks.
ZHENYI!: blah. i am looking forward to maths clinic!
Yongkian!: really? fake or real? hahah. yepps. i downloaded the emoticons.
PEIWEN: ah bu! ages since you last came here!
YUNhui: hahaha. the show isnt nice? anyway thanks.

Friday, July 13, 2007

the National PC Pilot Testing was extremely ultra super uber fun alright. 3c was quite honoured to be chosen to do this so-called quizzes which consists of 4 parts, the internet and communications, microsoft word, microsoft powerpoint and microsoft excel. not all the classes have a chance and 3c is the lucky one, hahah! so basically, we were given a short briefing on what we should do, and each of us had to remember our id and password and the password is so darn , i tell you. password: kranji. so ahem lah. anyway, was given a short sample test to let us know how the qn format would be like. for eg, they will give you some instructions like ask you change a homepage to blah blah website this type of things, and when you're done, you just go on to the next qn. what i dont like about it is that you can only have 3 attempts for each qn, which is stupid because if you accidentally click something which was not what they want, you have 2 attempts left. stupid right? anyway, i was like asking for the teacher, mr randy how to do some of the qn, take note, it's not cheating. hahah! i got 22 qns and the others got 20. i was like ugh, why i so suay, got 2 more qn until yili told me i zhuan dao. cos, it's like if i am wrong, my percent of marks gone would be lesser, so my expression change from to . hahah. in the end, my scores was tallied and i got 91%. *CLAP CLAP* had the same marks as aisyah and got the highest but yet yunhui defeated me. all thanks to yili and my help. she got 94%. faster thank us, yunhui!

and oh, harry potter movie is out in the cinemas today. *SCREAMS* daniel racliffe has grown from a cute young boy to a hawt hawt 18-year-old guy! *SCREAM* again! oh no, i think i am going crazy over him. cant wait to watch the movie with cousins. i hope the day is coming soon!

i have stopped progressing on doing up my xanga blog cos i am lazy so i decided i shall just stick to blogger.

i was tempted to call your name so you could turn around and look at me one more time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i saw a monkey near blk 518 while walking to school today. <-- this should be your expression now. haha. it was so unbelievable, i thought i was see things. but i insisted on thinking that i was not seeing things. what i saw was a monkey-sized animal which at first i thought was a dog, but the way it behaves, the way it scratches itself with its arms make me infer that it is a monkey. i told the others but no one believe me.

video-caming today again like ytd. ytd's was fun-ner though. because yeah, i was the cam-woman and it was so funny seeing the video auto-zooming. hahaha. i didnt really do much during the video-caming today, was late for it too, because i had lunch at limbang with trachelle and wanlin. yepps. and when i went back, i couldnt find them, so i went to use the com. when they finally came back from i-dont-know where, i just joined in.

i want to stop all those emo-ing soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

gahh, i think chemistry is getting tougher. i couldnt really remember what we learnt last term and now we have to learn about the acids, bases and salts thing. it's actually okay, what i dont like is the different reactions and stuff which we have to memorise. despite many tries to remember them, i still cant get them right, next week's common test is chemistry and how i wish it could be postpone until further notice. :/

english common test was okay today, i couldnt answer 2 questions because i think i think too much. yepps. haha. i hope i dont fail though, because i've been like failing almost all the assignments similar to the common test's ones already. i think i only passed like one time and it's like 50% only? i want to get higher marks alright!

maths clinic groupings known today, and i'm the OIC while wanlin is the 2IC. :D zhenyi is in my group too, surprised. haha. i cant wait for tutoring to start soon, i am sure it would be fun with friends around! :)

ms sim told me that she thinks i need a counsellor. :/

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

listening to happy songs doesnt make me happy at all.

people around me always live life and enjoy it to the fullest, they always look so happy.
but not me. life is so unfair. ))): bad things always happen to me and i cant cope with it anymore.
why is fate like that?
'Fate has a way of making things work out.' i used to believe in this but now, i dont think anymore.
i used to think that i am quite fortunate but now, as i looked back, i think otherwise.
i kept thinking negatively.
sometimes, i think that i have so much problems to face could be because i might have done too much bad things in my past life and this is my punishment.
i dont want to be like this, and i dont wish for it to be like this.
screw fate.


you have changed.
you were not the friend i once knew.
probably you were learning to adapt in with the others.
but i think you have become more self-centred.
you dont care how people feel at all.
you care only for yourself.

sometimes, i feel that i hate you.

the nine words have since imprinted a scar that will never heal in my heart.

Monday, July 9, 2007

i FINALLY got a crown necklace. YAYNESS! :D i have to emphasise on the word, finally. that's because i have been looking for one for long. it's quite small though, a 3D one and the crown is the same type as the one on my belt. yepps. :)

i learnt about something today which changed my whole life.
whether it is good or bad, i dont know.
it left an empty feeling in my heart.
somehow, i felt weird after hearing it.
if i were to choose, i'd rather not know about it.
perhaps, it was fate that made all these happen.
i know that one day, i will eventually learn about it.
the closeness between them and i is starting to drift apart.
the nine words, the fateful nine words, the nine words that change my life.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

the day started off well but i dont know why just a few things can ruin my whole day. and the biggest thing which ruin my whole day was the change in the seating arrangement. i was already not really pleased with the place i am sitting at due to the fact that i was constantly being blocked. the seating arrangement was carried out ytd when i went for oral, so it was a chaos of where to sit and stuff when we reached class first thing in the morning. i was told by others that my sitting place was the same and i had to sit with ______ at first, but due to some reasons that thankfully yili and wanlin pointed out, they managed to get me sit with may. i am okay with that. (:

however, i was still not happy as i was still arranged to sit at the same old place plus the fact that i am still blocked in front, and also that the teachers had arranged for some of the taller guys to sit in front. i had no choice but to 'complain' to that teacher. at first, she did not really seem to care. so i fumed. tears started welling up lah, for dont know what reasons, perhaps i was already burning inside. so i argued alot with that teacher. well, not really argue, but was really in a defiant way, at that moment, i think that many changes their impression of me. they might think that i am one spoilt girl, so stubborn and blah blah whatsoever, but i dont care at that time. i was fighting for my so-called rights. and i won. like wow, i was feeling, and i quite regretted all those shoutings and stuff in front of the others. i wonder what my classmates think of me now. :X

okay. i shan stop saying all those bad stuff. eldds went on smoothly today. was informed by miss tang that the sec2,3 and 4 are invited to miss nat's wedding. COOLNESS + YAYNESS! it's in august and we're gonna make/get something related to spongebob squarepants since it's her favourite stuff. i cant wait! :DD if i'm not wrong, she's thinking of inviting the whole 2a along too. that would be great!

everything happened so abruptly.
i had no time to stop and think of how to react.

Friday, July 6, 2007


i think i screwed my oral. really sincerely thank all those who wished me luck today and on the tagboard, i hope your good luck has not gone down the drain. i was not really nervous while waiting. i was quite calm then, the last one to have the oral. but when i greeted the teachers, my whole mind was blank! i started reading and then found out that i had many mistakes in the words. i read them again without saying sorry or something. started to stutter a bit, and my heart pumped so darn fast. ))): conversation later and things got worst. the qn, which i dont really know how to translate into english since i am not even sure about the qn in chinese as well. i was stuttering all the way and kept saying er, then and ya. like wth. some parts, i couldnt think of the word and i keep saying the same word in front of it, like eg, hua chi, i suddenly cant remember what comes after hua, then i hua all the way, as though expecting the teachers to tell me what the next word is. they just stared at me blankly. i was being prompted three times and when i was told to go, i was on the verge of tears. sad sad day for me. ):

somehow, the feeling was special.
at that moment, the time seemed to have stopped.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

nothing big happened today. )))): but something sad happened. not really sad lah. fell sick again. i have no idea why these days i have such a weak immune system. had a slight sore throat when walking to school and thought i was going to be alright until like during recess, i feel both hot and cold all over. and i realised that i got a fever. (i'm hot, i cant be stop). hahahas. i managed to withstand all those uncomfortable periods and finally decided to leave at the second last one. was feeling so darn cold then. and i really hated the procedures needed when i am sick and have to go home. first, i must tell mdm sadiah and call my parents. later i have to wait for them to come. my parents were busy working and my grandfather had to come and fetch me instead. he did not really know the way, and i had a hard time persuading the security guard to let me go to limbang and meet my grandfather instead but to no avail. he claimed that i cant be let out just like that, and that i had to go and ask my mentor to sign a slip for me so i can go. so tedious can. and by the time, my grandfather has arrived and it was like end of the school already. so it's almost the same as attending the lessons and leaving. 2.15 i leave the school. so dumb lah.

i am quite worried about my 'O' levels HCL oral tmrw due to my stupid sore throat. i hope the teachers could understand. ): wish me luck! :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i just realised i have not been blogging for days but i cant help it. my life has become boring-ger since school started and nothing interesting has ever happen to me yet, at least for the past few days. live life like life, and it's almost as though i live for the sake of living. with no enjoyment no nothing. so sad right? i wish something big but not bad will happen to me and it would be a very beautiful memory i will keep for the rest of my life and i would tell it to my children, my children's children, and my children's children's children if i could live for that long. it would be something so extraordinary and my story would run generations after generations and maybe it would get into the headlines. SO NOT FUNNY! ):

lunched today with wanlin, hweisze, nat, jiaying, simlin and yunhui at pizza hut. had to split into 2 grps since there were so many people inside and it was quite late already. had lots of fun inside talking crap while eating. and cross-crinkle fries are like so darn nice, we had extra helping of the sauce given with it. went aries later and home.


photos are not yet received from all, so shant upload them today. :D

it was fate that brought us together again.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

cfd today. reached school late and was told to stand outside until they complete singing the national song. then joined the class. many briefings and the sec1s started dancing. i personally think that the last year batch was better. :D sec 2 street dance was great and 2a`o7 got 1st. :DD (results were later) flag twirling later, and it was a performance, how i wish it was a competition. anyway, i think zhenyi and yongkian did great lah! :) danced the mass dance later. was given some time to walk around the school and i was amazed by how the buskers performed and how easily they earnt money. haha. took photos with some people and then went to the hall for the so-called concert. i think it was okay but i was feeling really hot by then. haha. 3b won the costume thingy and yeah, we screamed and cheered. concert ended and we had a hard time deciding where to go. then in the end, we had lunch at lot 1 food junction and took the train to woodlands. jiaying and the rest wanted to go to orchard so elaine darling and i went to causeway to shop. photos shall be uploaded the next time! :D

& everything i do reminds me of you.