Friday, March 21, 2014

#689 -

It's a little late but here's what I've been to last week in pictures (and maybe a few words).

Met with Hey Soul Sistaz, it has been long! :)
Dinner at Eighteen Chefs where we shared Cheesy Bolognaise Fries and had our own Baked Pasta creations.

Chilled at Starbucks and that was when I was introduced to the game Quiz Up!
Spent on whole weekends on that and after getting my Parseltongue acheivement, I stopped lol.

I remembered that day was super hazy till I think there was something wrong w my eye which just kept tearing like mad. Thankfully I brought specs along! Changed but problem still persists. -.-
End up having corrected right eyesight temporarily and le friend told me I might have cut the cornea flap. #justsaying

Why can't I inherit my dad's nose? Sigh.

 And last Sunday, I was a Sunsilk girl again, thank you Raine!

My hairstyle was tooooo simple tbh, although the hair was nicely and meticulously straightened and curled in by the female hairstylist I mentioned in my previous entry that I had a small crush on. :D

 Then later on, ZX told me KAP was closing on that same day so we went there for the last time (my first time too ._.). #有车真方便

There was a long queue outside Mcdonald's as many of them wanted to take a photo with the figurines. I had with me my S3 only, so I was unable to take good shots.

 And I had the most sinful dinner (yes it was 11pm but the last meal I had was at 2!!) at Al-Azhar. Butter masala craving satisfied!! (Y)

 Love letter from brother who wrote this during field camp! :)

And 3 for the price of 2 balms! Love the colours!

Alright that's pretty much all. My life is very boring one. Gonna restart computer now and see if I can play L4D2 with the rest! Annyeong!

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