Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#688 - Updates

TGIW! :)

Company's going for a retreat for the next two days and they let the interns off! Cheers to the long break/weekends.

Definitely going to catch up on sleep, have not been sleeping well these days and my face is showing the seriousness of the lack of it. T.T Probably gonna sleep before/at 11pm tonight. Oh and also sort out and do up the itinerary for Korea (yay!) because there are just too many versions and I want to compile a neat and organised (OCD in me) one!

Looking forward to Sunsilk event this Sunday because I can have nice hair again and yes kaching kaching. Do drop by 313@Somerset for a free hair makeover if you are there! :D
Hopefully the in-charge managed to find some CCK job for me on Saturday too. #moneyasmotivation

Life has been pretty good for me thus far except maybe for the train rides I took, where there will always be people stepping on my feet. UGH. Or sometimes different people bang into me so much I wonder if I am invisible hurhur.

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