Saturday, March 8, 2014

#687 - Meet Ups / Updates

My life has been revolving around work due to IA and my #moneyasmotivation determination, so I am glad I could still find time to meet up with friends!

The past two weeks of meetups!

Last week, I had dinner with the MSE peeps!

Okay tasting ramen. Nothing can beat Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel!

31 Lorong Liput
Holland Village (Next to Pet Lovers Centre)
Singapore 277742
Tel 64633132

And then on Friday, it was (an expensive) dinner at Privé Café, Keppel Bay (pretty night view) with my ex-colleagues.

Wasn't kidding about the pretty night view.
It's pretty in the day as well, headed there for brunch before, see the pretty photos in the day here!

Thanks Zac, you've got great photography skills lolol.

Food galore!

The desserts were good! Love the sticky date pudding.

No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382
Tel 67760777

Monday was a slightly more serious one, where all of us going Korea had dinner at Astons' and then discussed about Korea's accommodations and flights.

Wednesday was K-session with MSE bunch again. Fun and crazy times, the photos speak for themselves. :D

 Born with Chronic Bitch Face lolol, don't even need to purposely pose.

Happy night, glad I brought along my camera, also glad everyone was cooperative and in the mood to take photos HAHA!

 And on Monday I met Raine for dinner and then we walked for like 2 hours plus around the neighbourhood, htht as usual plus discussing ideas for some plan we have! Looking forward to it coming true! ^^

Fruitful 2 weeks it has been.
And also a pocket burning one, but nevermind!
 Next 2 weekends chionggggg, gonna be a Sunsilk girl again hahaha. Thanks Raine! (Y)

Oh and I went to do the Lotte Chocoball challenge one random day while watching 步步惊心!

So basically you shake this for 30 minutes and the biscuits inside will become a ball. I was curious and wanted to try it for myself too! Daddy says this kind 骗小孩子 one. LOL, so I was determined to prove him wrong!


Proved my dad wrong and had a chocoball to sink my teeth in in the end, yay!

On another note, I am on my 12th set of braces already (opted for lilac and pink this time), this means after this, it will be a year of wearing braces. Time flies!
Oh and the orthodontist extended my braces as well for the top row. The last brackets usually end at the second last teeth for both sides, but she extended the brackets to the last two teeth. I wonder why...

Have since stopped my #ootd because I've repeated a few / mix the same pieces here and there / lazy to take.

Okay update soon, X

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