Saturday, March 1, 2014

#686 - How I kill a demon

 Transferring my dream I wrote on Dayre here for record purposes. :)
I really think my dreams are good ideas for scriptwriters despite some parts being illogical lolol.

Here goes:

Wtf just woke up from the most tiring dream ever. I killed a demon in my dream. :O

Story goes like this...

So in the dream, I was telling the family about this very 阴 house at Andrew Road where the house is built underground (this one is for real in Singapore) and I also mentioned about the stone lions with no eyes. Then my mum was giving me the look of horror and then we started talking about such phenomenal stuff.

 Scene changed and then we were at this house with a flight of stairs that lead to a basement which was supposed to be haunted by a demon who was actually a grandfather of someone I don't know.

 I remembered looking from the top of the stairs and getting really weird vibes. The basement was lit up w old lamps which casted off an eerie yellow glow and it was indeed unwelcoming.

 Initially the owners of the house (no idea who, my dreams are sometimes illogical) had sent their son down (wtf, like sacrifice, IKR) and he came back up tramautised.

 So they hired some ghostbuster who was told to communicate w the demon and ask what he wanted. And somehow my whole family got involved in this?! Like we were in the house the whole time when the ghostbuster tried to communicate w the demon.

 So the ghostbuster prepared some script which apparently the son was supposed to read while she went down the stairs (intially supposed to be her going alone, ended up got one cameraman tagging along, yes it suddenly became like filming for TV show). I still remembered vividly at that moment I was thinking, "Wa be cameraman very cham. If you kena selected to film supernatural stuff, sure zzz one."

 Okay so down they went while the son read the script. The script was so weird also. It was about what the grandfather used to do when he was still alive before he became a demon.

 Some parts I remember:
-He was being locked up in the basement by the family
-He often scratched and knocked on the walls wanting to be let out but nobody bothered about him at all
*okay most epic one* -He would drink his grandson's gf urine!!!

Wtf what was my brain thinking! And in my dream I still wondered how he got access to the urine. And now wide awake, I wonder too...

 Okay so after all that reading, the ghostbuster reached the basement and from what we conclude (or rather I conclude since my brain directed this whole dream), the demon was very agitated and the ghostbuster couldn't control him.

 Scene changed and everyone was in my room. The devil was still very agitated that he made my bolster and pillows fly in my room. In my mind I was thinking, "Lucky his power can let him throw soft things only." Lolol.

At that time I was using my laptop chatting on FB while waiting for the ghostbuster to end it all, and then, apparently he escaped from the basement. I don't even know where ghostbuster and everyone went to.

It was my brother and me against the demon in the living room of my house.

So what does the demon look like? I couldn't see his face, he had quite a few layers of those cartoon hankerchiefs covered and wrapped around him lol. And he was very small sized like I guess 130cm?

Hahaha this was my initial reaction when I saw it. 

 So it got really infuriated after seeing this and started flying around as if to 示威 and then we also got a little scared. 

 I was armed with only my bolster and my brother nothing.

Then I remembered the ghostbuster mentioned that he will get weaker and weaker and becomes dizzy when hearing high pitched sounds. And also that there's a hockey stick (a potential weapon, and my house really got it) lying at home.

So I started screaming and boy, it worked!

He was like in a trance or something.

But of course I scream also need 'refill' my breath one. So it was on and off screaming which also made the demon have on and off trance HAHAHA. It was quite a scene indeed and I somehow found it hilarious despite the seriousness of the situation.

I also whispered to my brother to faster get access to the hockey stick while I tried smacking the demon w a bolster. ._.

But hey you know what, while my brother went to get the hockey stick, I was hitting the demon w the you-think-it-is-pathetic-as-hell bolster, which actually works. Like w every hit, the devil got smaller and smaller in size.

And by the time my brother got the hockey stick, there was only like one breath left in the devil. And the scene was quite funny.

So yknow the demon had like layers of cartoon handkerchiefs wrapped around him right? So w the last breath, it was just like a few innocent handkerchiefs lying on the floor and a little puffed up which contained that breath.

Although I was pretty sure one more hit w the bolster would definitely kill it, I told my brother to probe the handkerchief demon (lol) with his hockey stick. He did and we could heard as though it was in pain.

Then le bro was like, "Zeh, just do it."

So with all my strength, I aimed for the last breath of the demon and slammed my bolster down (pretty sure you can't use slam w bolster hahaha) and it died. It just died. Wow.

The crime scene was a funny one too. Ended w just a pile of innocent looking cartoon handkerchiefs (somehow only 4, I remember seeing a Melody pattern one) lying on the floor. 


I killed a demon w only a bolster!!!! 

 Hahahaha. So that concludes the end of my dream. Woke up so tired w sore arms somemore, as though I really did all that.

Told LMZ I wanna sleep in because I just killed a 妖怪 in my dream and she chose to ignore me. #okaycan

Nevermind she doesn't wanna hear about my story, Dayre does. :)

And now Blogger does too.
And you, if you bother reading all the way. :)

Proper update real soon, X

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