Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#693 -

Had Japanese food for dinner 2 days straight with loads of sashimi.
It's so funny how last time I really cannot even swallow sashimi and wonder why people enjoy such things and now I am loving every bit of it.

First was dinner at Itacho Sushi w the family celebrating LMZ's belated birthday! The first time I had sashimi and appreciated it was at Itacho, their sashimi are always so fresh. :)

 *swallows saliva*

We maxed out the order for the $0.40/$0.60 sushi. :D

 LMZ got scared of sashimi towards the end, sashimi overload she said hahaha.

 Tried sea urchin for the first time.
Verdict: Tasted very fishy, worse than those oysters in the oyster omelette. Guess it's an aquired taste that not many can appreciate.

Bloated max after the yummy meal.

The next day was sashimi spam at Standing Sushi Bar w the MSE people! :)

Somehow, a lot of people didn't make it in the end, and I also ended up being the only girl. LMZ was like 哇, 你跟那么多男的出去啊? 没有女的? LOL.

100 pieces of sashimi for the 6 of us. They were thicker and fresher the last time I had them, and I was so disappointed they remove oyster from the menu!! WHY.

Spent a long time deciding where to head to after that since we always never fail to digress from the main topic. Helios trait lolol.

Desserts at 糖水先!

8 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189029
Tel 63330428

No Monday blues because of them!


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