Thursday, December 20, 2012

#581 - Out with the girls

Went out with these girls last Friday! :)

Met with Zann to have lunch first!
Hot Tomato!
Known for their cheap steak, for as low as $9.50 nett for a huge piece of steak with spaghetti and drink!

We had loads loads of fun at E2Max playing Dance Central, 这里扭扭, 那里扭扭!
Shake shake dance dance so fun, very good workout!
Until next day, I got kinda bedridden, couldn't really walk, had to drag my feet and spammed salonpas.

Took videos too but too *coughs* sexy *coughs* to upload here hahahaha.

Dinner at Seoul Garden HotPot, we had student meals!
Okayy only!

Don't ever order the Seafood Pancake (above) man.
Costs us SGD6.90 without including GST and the only seafood I tasted was like 1cm sized prawn.
Super floury too! (N)

Went to Wheelock Place to get stuff!
And we saw pretty pretty lights!! :D
Starstruck. *.*

And then we stopped outside Ion to take photos!

Shu Lian got a new instax from Qoo10's lucky draw so it was put to good use!

Well sorta lahh, since I only uploaded the successful shots!

Tried dozens of shoes at New Look before we took the train home!
Happy day spent! :)

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