Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#580 - Primary School Besties Meet-up / Food As Motivation #18 - Wild Honey

Finally got to meet these girls after long! :)

We always meet up whenever it's holidays, so it's like a half a year thing?
Sadly Natasha and Afiqah couldn't join us if not it'd be full force!!

 Raine and I were early so we chilled here and then camwhore crazilyy.

 First was a candid!

And I found out I really have this 'talent' of accidentally making meme faces.
The previous time was the Are You Fucking Kidding Me Meme, which I uploaded here: http://solitous-diaspora.blogspot.sg/2012/03/522-are-you-fucking-kidding-me-meme.html

Then this time, I made another one as seen below:

And I found I took another one yesterday.
This time resembling the LOL meme.

Please don't try to imagine, I don't even...

*quickly inserts a lot of my smiling face to erase those ugly thoughts*

 I don't know what's my right arm doing, probably protecting my bag while camwhoring?

Erm I have no idea what is wrong with my face/dimple, at times it's round and a line respectively, at times it looks slightly V and a dot respectively...
Must be the angle... Haiyo.

Suggested for dinner at Wild Honey because I want to try their breakfast sets!

We had 3 mains, which include 2 of their signatures to share! :)

European (SGD19)
It's actually Eggs Benedict and I was quite surprise this dish doesn't come with sides e.g. salad.
It just feels naked to me, HAHA.
Best out of the 3 we chose!

Tunisian (SGD19)
Highly raved but rather disappointing.
It has this canned sardine sauce's taste! :/

English (SGD24)
Share was huge, photo just didn't do it justice.
Love the scrambled eggs (buttery fragrance) and the potatoes!!!

Price was a little on the hefty side though!
I guess what's good about eating out with a group of friends is that y'all can share and taste many dishes and still pay 'less'. :)
Oh, and you got to order at the counter and make payment first before eating.

Guess it was not really a worth-it trip, and if I have to go back again, I'd pick European anytime!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #03-02
Singapore 238897
Tel 62353900

With Christmas round the corner, the whole town is filled with pretty Christmas lights! :)

Had icecream!

Pretty pastel shadeeees aww!

My Cheesecake Fantasy.

I know I have been eating too sinful these days but this is my last week of enjoyment.
*trying to make myself better*
In fact, as of now I am typing, it's my last few hours of enjoyment.
Happily eating my McChicken (add cheese) now.
No food no drink, not even water once the clock strucks 12.
How strict, all for my wisdom tooth surgery at 10am tmrw!

Girls being girls, taking of photo with the Christmas decorations!
Happened to see Guo Dong there and had him help us take some group photos!
Thanks yo! :D

Shots with the front camera!!
 I really love this photo alot!!

PS: I also don't know why I have so many shots with Nicole!

Ending with a photo of us... in the TOILET. :D

Meet up again next holidays okayy!!
Next time must be full force le! :)

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