Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random and Lame.

"Smile. Because you dont know who is falling in love with your smile."

and so i did.




has anyone fallen in love with my smile already? no. okay.



(my jaws are getting stiff)

oh and did i mention i've got a variety of fruits at home? like:

- bananas
- grapes
- kiwi
- rock melon
- apples
- orange juice :D


you know why bill gates is like so rich?
i analyse his name for a few hours. and i finally know why. you know his name is bill right? then billionaire short form is bill, so yeah. (: plus 'bill gates' seems like a place where you can store millionbillionzillion loads of money, so therefore he is so so so so so so so RICH!!

okay. i was being lame. stupid entry today cos i am too bored. :/

we all sing "we aint got nothing, nothing to do, a big fat nothing, nothing for me nothing for you." (((:

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