Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Many many things. :D

sad day with a few happy moments.

saw 7 out of the 12 2a`o6 guys today, such a coincidence seeing them at different places.

firstly, saw chinseng walking in the direction to lot 1 with some of his classmates.
secondly, saw keng wee, yuliang and pit soon. (not from 2a`o6) i saw them walking into the temple near our school. i was bewildered, why in the world would they go into a temple after school? pray? or maybe they just want to take a shortcut, but i think it's rude. :/
thirdly, saw ah ma, ah gong, vernon and another guy (i didnt see who it was, maybe another 2a`o6 guy) at limbang.
forthly, saw junjie on the way home.

it's just plain coincidence but still yeah. and i was shocked when ah ma gave a slight nod of acknowledgement when he saw me. and i just fake-smiled back. cause i was too stunned to react. hahahah. never know that ______________________. it's difficult to fill in the blanks. due to the separation last year, it felt great that 2a`o6 have not become strangers even though we are in different classes now. sigh. the good old times~

went home and i absentmindedly threw my socks into the dustbin. i cant remember what i was thinking about at that time but it seemed important and i treated my socks as litter and threw them. felt stupid. ):

& i realised that i bought the wrong brand of moo moo sweet although they tasted quite the same. may has got the original wrapper and it's totally different. ))))):

anyway, if you guys happened to go to westmall, heard from jiazhi that shunting is working at 'TOM&STEFANIE' at night and you guys can drop by and visit her. but i dont advice you guys to go and scare her, for fear that she might scream suddenly and get fired. :X

& i hope they'd bully you more cause in a way, they are helping me.

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