Sunday, November 11, 2007

Outing At Cityhall.

open house was super ______.

outing later was fun. caught a movie, THE GAME PLAN, at suntec and later cam-whored a little at the esplanade, plus shopping and eating at marina square. and i swear i am never going there to shop again unless someone knows the place darn well, cos we had a hard time finding the place we wanted to go to. :/

THE GAME PLAN is quite a nice movie, with some touching parts, and i cried, a little. yeah. :) and i think i ate more than 1/2 of the popcorn. :X salted popcorn sucks like big time since it's super salty. hahahhahaha.

i just realised that the spongebob squarepants underwear i posted in my previous previous entry looks as though mould has grown on it. T.T

We're the new faces of failure.

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