Saturday, November 10, 2007


open house tmrw. so not looking forward to it. luckily i am in the morning shift, probably going out later. ((:

hahahha. and it's such a coincidence. 2a`o6 class chalet from 17 DEC to 21 DEC. if you dont know why i bolded the 17 DEC ? no idea. think again. it's ... YUXUAN AND MY BIRTHDAY!!! such a coincidence canz, i can imagine the (not that i care) look on your face. but heheheh. perhaps i will have a really HAPPY birthday this year. remember my present on that day ok? hahahha. so darn BUAYBA. :D anyway, it's super cheap can. $120 only? for like 4 days plus it's like a bungalow? those 2 storeys one, with 3 rooms. :)) and hahahah. yuxuan and i took charge of food. (:

if i say it like i mean it, then maybe i'll believe like it's true.

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