Thursday, November 1, 2007

'O' Level Chinese Exam plus Love for Patrick! ♥

hahahah. have been kinda lazy these days. didnt feel like blogging but since the o lvl chinese is over, here i am! hahahah. o lvl chinese today, finally over! so happy canz. :) the paper was okay, and i think i will fare averagely. i sure hope i get an a1 lahr, which i dont think which will happen because i flunked my orals. i hope my orals doesnt affect or pull down my grade. good luck to me! (:

my entry proof to enter the examination hall. (:

and recently fell in love with patrick!! :D

anyone has a 'higher' butt than hers? :DD

Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing is beating our hearts.
We're empty.

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