Saturday, October 27, 2007

Parent Meeting plus Being Sick.

pfft. meet the parents session just now. and for starters, i was relieved i got ms sim. (: took a while to settle down and ms sim started the usual talking on the results blah. and then she looked at me and started 'nagging' away. wah, i tell you, i never felt so dizzy before in my whole life. she was like chanting to me. and the only word i can hear is 'practise, practise, practise and more practise'. i was about to go crazy i tell you. and so my mind drifted away, i looked here and there, then on her table, where there was a name list with the whole class's percentage on maths i guess. i was like looking and looking and then pretending to be listening to her by looking up at her a few times. and the more i looked and listened to her, the dizzier i felt. seriously, i dont know if that is how the Monkey God, Sun Wu Kong felt when his shifu chant. but i think it must have been the same and the feeling was terrible. and my dad was like listening to and i think he dont feel okay either. cos he was quiet the whole while when ms sim was 'chanting' away. hahah. and i was like when is this going to end, until like finally, she passed me the survey form, i was like wahh. FINALLY canz. :D i know it's bad to complain about her cos it's for our own good, but yeah. i can die from nagging. :/

anyway, went to the doctor just now. sad, i have medicine to eat and i hate the cough mixture, taste so ____. the throat lozenges is so effin big! hahah. and i cant eat all those fried stuff as usual. sad. but i lost weight. like 2-3kg? great, cos i am prepared to gain weight during hols. :/

and random stuff. i seriously dont know why the unhealthy stuff taste so nice, but those healthy stuff taste like so bland and so ugh. i think the nicest healthiest food so far is veggie. hahah. and i also dont get why i can memorise the long string of song lyrics by just listening to the songs for like 1-2 times without looking at the lyrics, but if you ask me to memorise those big chunk of formulas i just cant. it's so ____. dumb maybe. maybe the teachers in the future will invent songs for the formulas and stuff so that it will be easier to score during exams. and i can imagine the scene in the examination hall, people singing the songs to the formulas, that's so cool, provided no one goes out of tune which is so impossible. and plus the fact that when the teachers teach the students the songs, they have to go for vocal training lesson so that they wont 'throw their own faces'. hahah. it's nice to daydream and imagine the impossible sometimes. (:

P/S: My head still hurts from the nagging.
Double P/S: My leg still hurts thanks to huisian when we head-crashed and her body hit my leg yesterday when i was trying to act out a scene. hahahah.
Triple P/S: My medicine. ):

everything back but you.

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