Saturday, August 31, 2013

#649 - August Babies' Celebration

Last Sunday was a well spent one celebrating the August babies birthday with FULL ATTENDANCE! :)

 Love them loads, can forever bitch about other people (LOL despite sometimes not knowing who the person being bitched about is, is just interesting to hear stories of how 贱 some people are, don't judge) and shopping and studying together! (Y)
Somehow someday we got rather close and bonded and yeahh, we hang out pretty much nowadays!

 All girls shots with Yili and Yunhui, which we seldom meet with the rest!

 Happy birthday, Shakilah and Salihin! :) Hope you two love the presents we got for y'all!

The day was spent with games and then we ended it with Thai food for dinner!
It was a late one because delivery took one and a half hour! :O

But it was worth it!

 Loveee the green curry and clear seafood tomyum soup best! :)

Looking forward to the next meetup with the rest again!

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