Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas, XOXO. ♥

okay. i know i have to update if not i would be bashed by some people. ):

i had many weird dreams last night. -.-

one of them was that i was eating with a shuai ge (he's really shuai but i have never in my life seen him before, -.-) and his mother. then we were eating chicken rice, so diao.

another one was about some guy i know (heck, i dont know why i dreamt of him, nightmare! :D) who was about to play basketball, and he asked me to take care of his (okay, this is gonna be so weird) measuring tape which he had wrapped around his waist before he played basketball! O.o

okay. back to what i have been doing these few days.

23 Dec 2007
outing with cousins! ♥
they lied to me! ): they met earlier at 1.30pm while they told me to meet at 3pm. pangseh me. make me go cityhall alone. sobsobs. then when i reached, they called me and told me i was late. -.- then asked me to walk to esplanade alone leh. ))): hahahha. and i chose to walk under the hot sun, because that means i would pass by those places where i had fond memories of the amazing race. (: then when i finally reached esplanade, they pretended to dao me. and in the end, i found out that they were busy preparing my birthday present and stuff. thanks so much ah! ♥ okay, i am too lazy to say more. we then walked to citylink mall and then peiwen requested for a change in the place we are going to have our dinner. we actually had reserved seats in Secret Recipe, but in the end, she chose NewYork NewYork so yeah. settled. but i dont call it NewYork NewYork, i called it NewYorkSquare. hahahh.
then we shopped shopped at Raffles City and later got jiaxin to queue with me for donuts at the Donut Factory. 20 minutes for 1/2 a dozen donuts. hahah! bought tako balls later (i am super scared to eat them now, since i have been eating them for consecutive 3 days!) and then went to the top with the rest to settle down and eat. and the security guard over them told us to eat somewhere cos we were sitting in a hotel. -.- it doesnt even look like a hotel, LOL! walked walked a little and the rest of us went to NewYorkSquare to settle down while shimin and kaixin went to suntec to buy something.
then there was this friendly waitress over there at NewYorkSquare and yeah. we love her, Jacqui Lyn (pronounced as Jac-ki Lin). really very 'high', she waved like crazy when she saw us. make me feel like laughing so happily. (: & the food was superb, we ordered one of them two times. :D after much eating plus loads of camwhoring, we were finally done over there. hahahah. the waitress, Jacqui had actually told us that she had wanted to give us candy floss but apparently the machine broke down. AWW. D: feeling full and contented, we left for esplanade where we camwhored. and then later at the merlion that side, and camwhored again. hahah. left later. (:
24 Dec 2007
made ic with yuxuan today. went to the ICA building and got our photos taken. super super super super ugly and uglier than the one i took in school with my coconut fringe. the man over there made me take off my specs and i looked super white plus my dimple is so obvious! ))): & waited for so long to register. blah. went to bugis later and shopped. there were so many people there, dont like. lunched on KFC Buddy Meal, so full and fattening. :/ and we shopped for christmas presents, yuxuan had to buy for her friends, had a hard time deciding on which to buy and got
Some photos.
the photo which they took while i was still innocently in the mrt thinking i was early.

she's cute!

i realised that i am good at taking clear photos. :D

& they are being loved. ♥


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