Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update over the week.

hahahhah, finally went for an eye checkup today. and YAY, my degree went down from 800+ on the left eye and 900+ on the right eye to 725 on the left one and 850 on the right one. it's alot kay, i thought my degree would like increase since it's like i used the com for more than 5 hours everyday. :/ and double YAY, i am getting a new spec soon. :DD i tried on like 16 pairs of frame until i finally found the one i like. okay, i dont really like it, but it suits me best. not too nerdy not too over. hahhaha. i had actually want to get a white one but the lenses were too small for my eyes and the optician told me the design comes like that and he cant make the lenses bigger for me. how sad. D: okay, whatever.

& next week, i will be like so busy. D: and i have yet to complete my homework, i've done physics 2005 paper though, sense of accomplishment. maths tys and 10 compos left. HOW INTERESTING. i'd bet i would spend my last week of hols pia-ing my homework. and i haven been out with friends for so long. DD:

17 Dec 2007: Off to the supermarket to get food. :D (birthday celebration belated) probably with yuxuan, minyan, shunting (okay, i have no idea why she's coming, maybe 'seduce' the ppl there to give us discount. :/), yanying and some guys i guess. (i hope it's ah gong and ah ma again! :D)

18 Dec 2007: BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WITH YUXUAN!!! (we're gonna like check in the chalet, say byebye to others and tell them we are having a celebration to make them jealous. LOL.)

18 Dec 2007 to 20 Dec 2007: 2A`o6 class chalet! looking forward to see the 2A-ians. :DD

21 Dec 2007: Meeting at Limbang Mac with Sec3 ELDDS-ians to discuss on graduation show.

22 Dec 2007: Off to get my new specs. :)

23 Dec 2007: Christmas Dinner with beloved cousies! <3>&yuxuan: lol. i am really bored you know. but dont worry, i wont be that lame on 17 dec! heheh! :DDD and my com is so not a les. :/ if it is, it will get jealous when i am talking to girls. hahahhah! :)

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