Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fooling people and some complaints.


i was looking for some important documents and i found out something very big that i didnt know about it for 14 years! as i was looking for something, i came across my birth certificate and i found out that my birthday isnt 17dec at all. mine was 28april! i was so shocked and i screamed for my mum to come. i showed her the birth cert and she was shocked too! she then went to find my brother's birth cert and realised that she had mixed up our birthdates totally! neh shit, this means i have been celebrating my 'birthday' on the wrong day for 14 years already! till now, i am still very shocked by the fact that i am actually older than most of my friends. i cant believe it man. my brother was shocked too, and he blamed my mum for telling him that he was born on 28april. OMG. i cant believe it's happening to me. 3 more days to my 'birthday' leh. :X can you believe it? all i am saying is so true!!


hahahha, my birthday is really on 17dec lah. there wasnt any mistakes or whatsoever. i just wanna get ppl's attention. and yes, my birthday is coming in just 3days time. dont excuse yourself and say that you forgot about it cos you thought my birthday is 28april. so not funny. hahahha. so MY BIRTHDAY IS 17DEC, OKAYYYYYYY! :D

i have bolded it and put a larger font so there's no excuse you forget my birthday. hahahahhah.

&& i am celebrating my birthday with yuxuan in a supermarket this year. -.- HOW INTERESTING.

due to the fact that the class chalet is from 18-20dec, yuxuan and i decided to be noble people to be in charge of buying food and beverages for the class. OH HOW SWEET IS THAT. (rolls eyes) and we even sacrifice our birthday just to buy the food and beverage. sure hope our friends going to the chalet really appreciate it and dont complain things like what 'eh, why you buy XXX brand hotdogs? YYY brand one nicer' etc. i will poke you in your eyes if you do that. :D of course, i am good, so if you really wanna complain, i am fine with it, just bribe me with presents and i will willingly listen to your complaints and pretend that you are just singing to me. :))


and crap. my house now reeks of paint. the painters came to our house to paint and yeah, i finally got to choose what colour i want for my room. SWISS BLUE. hahhahah. but then it's really smelly. D: but painting means having to eat out so i guess i am okay with it. (:


oh and lastly, i found out that my computer is a male yesterday. HOW? i realised that whenever i talked to girls on msn, it doesnt lag or hang on me. but whenever i talked to guys, it either lags like hell or hang. crap. i think the computer is jealous of me talking to guys. (starts rolling eyes again) hahahha. that's lame.

okay whatever. (:

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