Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Okay.

yesyes. i was abit emo yesterday but the whole post was nothing actually. it concerned my friend and someone. not what some of you ppl think. i have people asking me during msn questions like these:

'Eh shufen, your post very emo leh. break up with your bf ah?'
'Hey, you wanna break up with your stead is it?'

lol. really made my day loh. make me laugh. the post is not about what BGR or breakup or whatever lah. and i am single ok? (: LOL.


&& i have to complete all my homework before my bday if not i think my mummy wont let me go out. ):

so far out of the homework i have, i have completed 3 chinese compos, geog assignment and history workbook.
i still got like a 2006 MYE or EOY (i cant remember) physics paper, maths tys, 10 compos (4 english ones & 6 chinese ones) not yet done. )))):
plus i have to study for the AMATHS test which everyone has to take next year, 1 chem test and 1 social studies test.


&&& sadder news.
yuxuan dearest is only free after 4pm on 171207. ): plus i cant get my patrick starfish from jiazhi this year due to some reason. ))))))):

told you i will have the saddest birthday of my life this year.
and it's really not linked to the previous post, see?
sometimes i thought i think too much, but instead i think you people think more that i do. (:

ahhh, whatever.

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