Saturday, December 8, 2007

All Good Things Come To An End

all good things must come to an end.

a story, which has a beginning will always have an ending.


may told me that nothing last forever yesterday or somewhere along that line.

so i have decided to put an end to everything.

i guess i will bring up the question tonight.

but i need courage.

nevermind, i shall drink beer to boost it up.



and i hope i suffer a memory loss right after i asked the question.

then i wouldnt have to remember anything at all.

all the memories, the pain, everything.

if i really did suffer a memory loss, i would forget someone.

someone i thought i couldnt forget.

on the brighter note, if it really happen (as in suffering a memory loss), maybe i would forget all my maths and physics formulas. that would be so great, maybe the school will make arrangements for me not to take maths and physics next year. (:

that got me thinking.

i wonder if that would really happen in the case of people suffering from memory loss. would they really forget all those things they learn before? mmm. maybe it would be better for them this way.

you know sometimes i wish i was born like cold-blooded? so that i wouldnt have to know how to love how to hate someone/something. or maybe i was born dumb. like they always say '傻人有傻福', maybe it's true.

Note To Self: Never to cry tonight.

"i never think about you, but you're always on my mind."

maybe i should listen to 'I'm Getting Over You' by The Click Five everytime. looped it until i got the whole song playing in my mind. then it shall be the day that i am convinced that i am really getting over you.

i predict i will have the saddest birthday of my life this year. ):

okay, whatever.

when darkness turns to light, it ends tonight, it ends tonight.

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