Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#541 - Gifs with Primary School Besties ♥♥♥

Crazy time spent with the girls last night! :)
Love it when I can hang out with this bunch of girls and do stupid things together but yet feel so happy!

Gifs only for this entry!
More to comeeee.

I love my crazy friends! ♥♥♥
I have no long hair to flick* already so I became their photographer!

*I know that the correct word is flip but flick has more impact I feel. :)

Raine's fan so strong she blew Nicole and Elena away. Hahahahahaha.

1:13 to 1:18 is a must watch!!!
"Guardian" bread! *inside joke*
Do edit the settings at the bottom right and watch it in HD. :)

PS: I did the RM's JongKook "enter door" move but too bad the camera was in my hands, no one could see it!!
PPS: I don't know why my voice so gross, guess I was super high last night.

Here's me if you miss my face! :P

A photo-preview for the next entry:

You're only young once.
Don't judge us. :)

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