Saturday, June 2, 2012

#542 - Meet Up with Primary School Besties ♥♥♥

 Photos with the girls on that crazy crazy night! :D
*Woots, my arm looks long here*

Had sushi for dinner at Shin Tokyo before Afiqah drove us back to MOF の My Izakaya for ice cream!

12 scoops of gelato with random toppings! :D


Popped by Northvale Condo for crazy session! :)

Everybody gets a chance to take photo with me hahahahaha.
Those who had their turnsss.

Copy paste face, I know, I know. :X

We look so ugly here but I gotta post this up because: Look at Elena! :O :)
How can anyone look so perfect taking such photo!
Confirm double chin big nostrils all come out one ma!!

I has long armssss.
No la, nobody want to volunteer to take the camera because you'd have the biggest face.
I was too kind. ;)

From here onwards, I don't know what went wrong with us.
Pardon us yeah?
And don't judge! :D

Okay one normal photo to redeem ourselves! :D

12 years plus of friendship and counting! ♥♥♥
And it will never end.
See y'all at the old folks' home or something like 70 years down the road kayyy! ;) :)

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