Monday, June 4, 2012

#543 - Updates of my life

Just some updates of my life.
And what's an update without pictures of my face right!!

Yea and as you can see, I finally went to snip off my long mane.
The ends were really dry and the length was awkward.
I had been wanting to cut it since long BUT there wasn't any trust-able hairdresser in mind since I haven't cut for like about a year. :X

I actually snipped my hair twice.
The first time I went to the salon at Lot One, the hairdresser I got was lousy.

My hair was initially like this after the first haircut:
Awkwardly thick and no shape.
Couldn't stand it so I went back the next day and changed to another hairdresser!

Told him I wanted bob (back to the older days)!

 Hell Yeah. (action happened to suit what I am saying)
I am rocking this look and loving it!
Makes me feel younger too!
Gahh, I should have done that long ago man.
What was I thinking letting that mane grow till like dry and thick and whatnotssss.

Anyway, I started learning driving 2 weeks ago!
It was super fun although my left leg was lousy in stepping the clutch pedal.
I am getting the hang of it now though! ;)
Always looking forward to the lessons even though it's quite scary when the instructor lets me drive on the road sometimes!

And I am forever gong/doing wrong things.
Instructor told me to signal left and I went to switch on the windscreen wiper. :X
And another incident was when my engine stalled and I had no idea.
I was like "Erm can switch on the aircon, kinda hot uh".
Ended up realising it was because the engine stalled.

Oh, and the other day, I guess I was too excited, I got onto the driver's seat, without checking mirrors or putting on my seat belt, I auto stepped clutch, move handbrake etc already.
Still didn't realise what was wrong when the instructor coughed loudly at me.

I think I am a potential road hazard. :X :P

Oh and I finally got a job!
Till end July!
Yay to money rolling in!
Need them to pay for my miscellaneous fees/driving lessons!

Woohoo! :)

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