Saturday, June 9, 2012

#544 - Shopping with Raine

Woots woots, finally meet with Raine, my F.A.M. Khaki after so looooong. :)

Was in the mood for shopping and thus headed to Far East Plaza.
Spent a bomb there BUT moneyyy was well spent because I bought things I need, not I want. :)
Perfume school bag sandals!!

Since both of us were on a tight budget, we settled lunch at a somewhat famous chicken rice stall at the 5th storey!

Guess their standards have dropped over time!
I checked the reviews and it was not bad leh.

But their chicken was too salty and rice too bland. :(
Not gonna be included in my Food As Motivation's list!
 Total bill came up to $13.70!

Did lots of things that day.
Even went to sign contract for my job!

 And I saw this on the back of the toilet cubicle!
See the last sentence. :P

Headed to Xin Wang HK Cafe for dinner! :)

Seeing these makes me hungry now.
Always forgot not to blog about food at night!

 This girl kept her promise and we had dessert! :)

Some of the loots!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I got these shades for... fun.
Haha. :P :D 

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