Thursday, May 17, 2012

#539 - Instagram Craze

 Instagram finally came to Android not long ago!

Some photos out of the many to share!
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#1. First photo ever taken, wanted to ayg seh so took a photo of something in bright colours. Guess I used the wrong filters then!
#2. Snowglobe from Lynette for Christmas '09.

#3. Yogurt chocolate from Junye, cute packaging by this cool shop in Taiwan.
#4. One of the prettiest sunset I saw in my life at East Coast Park.

#5. Double Decker mini version!
#6. IKEA Meatballs! *-*

 #7. Back then when SwF just came to Android, and I beated the pros. :D
#8. Cute duckie I saw at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

#9. KFC Double Down.
#10. Physics Cheat Sheet for exam.

#11. Cheesy mayo-ny goodness!
#12. Dirty little Patrick. :(

#13. The endless road @ NTU.
#14. Cool signs spotted at Pastamania! :)

#15. The Hunger Games trilogy. Yes I bought it! :D
#16. Nutella, spoon licking good. ;) 

#17. Chilling at Zann's house after Thermodynamics exams!
#18. Storm is coming.

#19. Fried ice-cream. :>
#20. Full Works @ Food For Thought.

#21. Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine @ Food For Thought.
#22. Lootssss. :)

 #23. Karang guni for a day.
#24. Jacuzzi pool at gran's house, lika shiok only.

And a lot a lot more I never share here!
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Oh, and I realised out of all my Instagram photos, ZERO has my face in them.
I guess.. I am just not THAT much a narcissist.
Or maybe I prefer taking photos of objects.

Might post photos of my face soon, if it doesn't scare you away. ;)

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