Friday, April 22, 2011

#396 - A Simple Birthday Celebration

So it was Yunhui's 19th birthday on Monday. 
Initial plan was to have a simple dinner at The Rail Mall. 

Met with Yili after work and headed there!
We alighted one bus stop earlier and that explains why we were walking on such road!

We saw a Porsche there! :O
Never see one in my whole life before, doh!

Wanted to nom at Cafe Epicurious but it was sadly non-halal! :(

And so all of us decided to head over to Dominos which was a few bus stops down!
(Photos got a little unclear after this because I accidentally brushed my finger across the lenses and couldn't wipe them away thoroughly, boo. ):)

They served good pizzas at afforable prices! :)

Classic Chicken was dope we had to order it again!

Gift time which left Yunhui shock by what the 3 of the guys gave her.
Managed to take a few shots of her shocked expression while all of us laughed away!

 The guys got her... CHOYA!

Which was being opened by her and shared a little by us!
Alcohol content 15%!

Group photo before Jiaying left!
 Now we all know never to take a photo from such a high angle!
And one of my contact lens dropped out halfway while I was fiddling with it which explains why I am in specs. :/

Game time with a round of Bang! as usual before we left.

It was a simple birthday celebration cum meet up but it was indeed a lovely and heartwarming one. :)

Happy birthday (once again), Yunhui!

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