Monday, April 25, 2011

#397 - Singapore Coins and Notes Museum

Interesting museum to visit!
Lots of cool stuff about money!!!

Like eg how your normal paper note contains bits of linen and cotton!
That's the reason why they don't turn out soggy or super crumpled when you accidentally washed them with your clothes and only found out later.

 And some 'rumour' and saying to why our $1 coin is octagon-shaped, like a 八卦!

Spot the difference (except for the year) between these 2 $1 coins!
Answer at the end of this entry. :)

And and I finally know why people paste coins all over their cashier and calculators!
And and and why Thai people don't step on their coins to stop them from rolling away when they drop them!

And and and and there's a small owl at on the US dollar note! Go find go find! :)
Don't try to find it from here.
It's too small to spot from this photo plus my camera not good enough to take so high definition photo. LOL.

Busy snapping all the way when the museum guide explained to us about the history and I realised I took 200plus photos in less than an hour. Crazy!!!

What bird series orchid series ship series potrait series, I just have to see what notes I have.
They might be valuable someday!

This cool machine made us souvenirs. (see below)

Cute little souvenirs for us to bag home. :)

The one on the left is called a blank and this is how your normal coin usually looks like before the design is stamped!
The one on the right is the stamped one, a souvenir for visitors there.

Look at this huge ass $5 coin for collection!
Can't show how big it really is over here though.
It's wayyy bigger than your normal $0.50.

 Okay, that small tiny gold dot over there is worth at least $60.
Put a large version next to it to compare how small it really is.

Had to use a magnifying glass to see the details. O.O

Seriously when it was on display in the museum shop, I thought the card was the main focus and they were selling the card.

Ending with this photo I kinda like because it has Harry Potter inside.
I didn't know Singapore Mint produce Harry Potter Mint Coins lor!!!

Where is D1, D2 and D3???

Answer for Spot the difference: Look at the crest! The left one shows the lions carrying it higher than themselves while the right one shows the opposite. Some people joked that the lions got too tired of carrying it so they let it down! Hahahahahahaha.

PS: I didn't know that there are actually 52 museums in this small little red dot, Singapore!


  1. So why thai ppl dont step on their rolling money and why ppl put money on their cashier and calculator!


  2. May koh right! Ahahhaha! They don't step because got their president/king head or something! It's disrespectful! Hahah and ppl put money on cashier and calculator because it means they will have endless amount of 钱 to 数!


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