Friday, April 15, 2011

#392 - Fleas

Visited 2 fleas with Yili last Saturday!

The first one was at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road!
Nothing much to see actually except those popular bloggers from Nuffnang!

Went there only because every amount spent will be donated to Singapore Red Cross to aid the Japanese victims. Spending for a good cause so of course support! :)

 Sophie and Qiuqiu, two of them who did our nails. :)

Took photos with them both, 170++cm tall, feel so inferior lol.

Hehe a series of camwhore in the hotel's toilet because the lightings were damn good and of course good hair day! Skip this part if you must!

 Glossy chio hair with @(#&@*^ face.

Lighting too good but we ran out of 'poses' to take photos with thus camwhored with nails! :)

Headed to the *scape flea later! So many stalls there, like 40plus plus, and it was so mad hot I wanna faint. But it was worth it because I got many stuff there and got to see many chio rings! :)

Nomed at Tsukiji Gindaco, the outlet at ION Orchard famous for its takoyaki balls! 


Blog again soon, click the ads, bye! :)

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