Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#479 - Miscellaneous

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Wee, exams are finally over! :)

But somehow, it just doesn't feel the same.
Well I guess it's always like this.
You are always looking forward and planning what you are going to do after your exams.
And then after exams, when the day finally arrive, you're like stoned. :/

December is going to be so eventful for me!
Meetups, Birthday celebration, Christmas dinner, BBQs, Chalets, Eating eating and more eating!
I can't wait! :)

Anyhow, blogging this random entry with food and miscellaneous things!

 Pastamania cravings.

And I finally renewed and collected my new Pastamaniac card and vouchers after procrastinating for so long!

This reminds me I need to make an appointment with the dentist for my fillings. :(

And so yesterday was the last day for the 1 for 1 McNuggets, how could I miss this out!!!
-nom nom nom-

What my brother whipped up for me for supper the other day!
Black pepper scallops, sunny side up (runny egg yolk!!!) and a kinda charred but still taste as yummy hotdog. *contented*

Fish & Co for lunch just now with my uni mates.
$6.95nett for this Captain Hook combo which looks freaking small but kept my tummy full.

And now, let me share my loots' joy with you!

Finally got a portable charger after so long!

And collected my stuff from Raine!

Guess what is this? :D

Yes a thumbdrive! :D
Awesome or awesome! :D

Okay thanks bye.
I will blog soon! :)

PS: Read the entry below this if you really have nothing to do.

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