Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#480 - Food As Motivation #2 - Kazokutei

Watched this with the devil (you will know why later), Raine today!
Actually it's pretty meh and most of the funny stuff are already in the trailer.
A little touching though!

Anyhow, before that we went to Kazokutei for dinner!
Impromptu F.A.M. trip when it wasn't on our checklist. :)

 Peach/Strawberry Soda (SGD3.90, SGD2 with purchase of set meal)

 Raine's Zaru Udon and Soba mix + Chix (SGD11.90)
QQ goodness!
Apparently, their soba are handmade.

 Yours truly's Tofu Hamburger Combo Omurice (SGD10.90)
Their omurice tastes better than Ma Maison, surprise surprise!
But you'd get sick of the patty and sauce after a while. :/
Huge portion though!

Details if you're interested (no link available for SG):
1 Woodland Square
#03-43 Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel 68936940

 See her eyes!

 Now you'd know why I called her devil. :X

And then she started ignoring me and became busy typing away on her phone furiously (with guys). :(
 Smiling to herself while looking at the phone. *evil grin*


That's all, kthxbye. :)

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