Friday, December 9, 2011

#481 -

Just a random entry to test out the new 'Miniature Effect' installed in my LX5. :)

Updated my version of LX5 using the link shared by fellow LX5 users the other day.
It has other updates too, other than the Miniature Effect!
Terms that are foreign to yours truly. :B
Here's the link if you're interested:

Okay I don't really know what Miniature Effect means and google doesn't really help much, for me.
But from the photos I took, the effect is that it focuses on certain part of the object and made its surrounding blur and the colours are very vivid too! :)

 Can you see the focus on my toenails? :D
Nail colour is China Glaze's Dorothy Who.

Anyway, I bought something random online the other day.
A foot mask!

 Have yet to try it though, will do so soon and if it's good, I might review it. :)

Till then, click the ads! Love.

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