Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#475 - A Wedding Dinner

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So... it's been a while since I came here to blog long entries!
More long ones to make up for the loss in November I promise!

And just yesterday, I attended a wedding dinner of my dad's cousin!
Been so long since I attended one!

Initially a few of us were supposed to be seated at different tables with the adults but ended up all of us chose to sit together!
No generation gap! Hahah. :)

PS: Shi Min, I photoshopped away the hole in your fringe!

 I love how sitting down makes me have super long arms. :B

Cake cutting!
Ever seen wedding cakes that look like this before?
Fake or not, why use boxes to 'represent' them?

Yummmmmmm seng!

 See how isolated my table is  from the rest.

 Okay spammage of food here.
Mediocre only. Meh. :/
 I love the cereal here!!
Sweet and buttery, but they used frozen prawns for this. (N)

 Not sure if it's really abalone.
Rubbery texture with weird aftertaste.
The mushrooms/spinach tasted better in my opinion. :|

 I thought this was pretty. :)

Kthxbye. :)

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