Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#753 - Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee / The Tiramisu Hero

Brace yourselves, for food. entries are coming hahaha. Intending to clear them so I can start on my Taiwan's trip.

This was in December where I met my ex-colleagues at IMM for catching up session. I ate a lot that day. 

Here's like only part one of three where we met at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee for lunch. The place which is known for Kin Kin Pan Mee was situated at Tai Seng, an industrial area and you'd have to walk a little bit down to get to it. It was not really a big area and was air-conditioned. I expected queues but we were there at around 12 and there were only 5-6 people? Shock. And I saw my uncle there. Double shock.

Signature Dry Chili Pan Mee (SGD5)
You control the amount of chili you want and the photo above this noodles' photo show the 2 different kinds of chili.

Really dry but I like the noodles' texture. The scallions quite 香 too, but the portion was rather small.

Fishball & Meatball You Mian (SGD5)
My friend had this and she commented that she rather eat the fishball noodles at the foodcourt near her house. LOL.

All in all, I think this noodles didn't really wow me. To think people would gladly queue for it? I wouldn't. I'd rather go eat the hawker centre's ban mian or something. Unless there are no queue, and you need a quick noodle fix when near Tai Seng area, don't bother coming here. :X So mean but true. Maybe can spend the money on the prata shop next to it LOL.

One day I hope to try the real deal in KL.

534 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368220
Tel 67431372

We decided to find somewhere to chill and ended up at Lavender where we headed towards The Tiramisu Hero. Wanted to check this off my F.A.M. list.

MOMMAHERO in Original and Lemon Lavender (SGD7.50 each)
I prefer the latter one. Coffee is not my thing, although there is a reason why this place is called Tiramisu Hero and I still came here.
The tiramisu weren't cold at all, and that was a pity.

There was no GST (probably included) but there was 10% service charge. I remembered ordering at the cashier and pouring water from jugs myself though. /: Meh.

Heard quite a number of good reviews though so maybe I will be back for their food next time. So for now, not adding it under F.A.M. yet. Hahaha.

And to end it off, I took a photo with the famous Sir Antonio head. :D

Had to paiseh-ly ask someone if he could shift his seat over to other side a little so I could take this. He looked irritated but... this is their 招牌 what. Why you go block people from taking photo there hahaha.

121 Tyrwhitt Road 
Singapore 207548
Tel 62925271

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