Monday, March 16, 2015

#751 - Chinese New Year Day One, Two, Three (初一,初二,初三)

One month later and I am here blogging my CNY entry. 
Actually I just wanna update because I have been doing so every year (but this year forget to take family photo T.T). I prefer using Blogger as an album storage than Facebook somehow.

Warning first, almost all photos got my face. LOL. Can still zao before it's too late.

Disclaimer also ah, I hope I don't give people vibes that I take photo as if I think I very pretty (because y'know some people give such vibes on Instagram *coughs*).

I just feel I look presentable and decent in the photos okay. Better than me w specs. Hahaha. Somemore in the later parts of the entry got my crazy shots so I can reassure anyone who thinks that way I don't think so. PLUS anyone who knows me know I am crazy over sharp noses w high bridges, which is something I don't have so yeahhh. So defensive. HAHA.

 My last-minute decided outfit! Because they say yellow's the lucky colour for Monkeys this year and this is the only yellow piece I've got! :D

 Wearing my $1.70 earrings from Taobao heee.

 And my every-year-must-take-by-the-window photo at maternal's side!

Last last year without braces, last year with braces, and this year with retainers (entry on that soon perhaps). How time flies.
Also, this year I got lazier and decided to skip wearing foundation and all (my skin need to breathe). Only drew my brows and put lip tint.

As usual, self entertain because I am not really close w cousins from maternal's side. Either they way older or way younger.

 My brother! His changes over the years the most one!!

Back at paternal's side!

 Attempted to do the same shots like him in the two photos above but...
1. My legs too short so looks weird when I sit 90 degrees. T.T
2. Arms look super huge and fat when I do 90 degrees' turn in car and then my legs cannot reach accelerator also because the seat too far away. I look awkward. ._.

Hahaha and the car idea was by my uncle since he saw us taking photos outside. LOL. He even volunteered to help us take. Erm cause we bo liao and reached the earliest since we stay the nearest, we 捧场.

 W my LMZ! She wanted to take one, necklace and shoes mine. *smirks*
Both from taobao. *smirks more*
Both items add together around $20 plus only? *smirks until 抽筋*

 One of my cousins who has the same age as me, she 包头 (Jan baby) 包尾 (Dec baby)
In the middle of our births, there were 3 other babies as well. All girls hahaha.

From right, 1st 2nd 4th 5th (me) 6th all same age! Hahaha.

Notice our footwear? Hahaha went all the way up to take nice photos and then had to wear slippers because floor dirty.

One w DSLR, one w compact camera. Hahaha notice the difference?
Pei Wen's camera has makeup/beauty mode which explains why our skin looked super flawless. #骗自己也爽

Another one!

Angle really makes a lot of difference horrrr.

Take a break, have (鲍)鱼生 and continue!


 If you are still here, HI. Lol.

Too many similar photos / group shots too boring. Now for the candid / sampat / siaodingdong photos. Random but suddenly I miss 五香 and the bamboo shoots I had during CNY. OTL 

 I like this! Dk if it was something I said. I bring joy to people HAHAHA.


 I have no idea what happened here.

 Doing what celebs always do on the red carpet. Palm wave. HAHA. 我也会.

 I thought I was cross-eyed, I was wrong.

 Chinese New Year Day Two  (初二) was spent w the cousins from the paternal's side as well.
We had an impromptu dinner/movie session and tickets were booked on the day itself.

Dined at Itacho Sushi and watched 冲上云霄 which was quite badddd. D:

Desserts at Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar!

  Chinese New Year Day Three  (初三) was spent w the family having dinner at Paradise Dynasty and ending it with a night movie of ABTM3. Lobang!!! Hahaha. I cannot explain why I like him so much, maybe because his character really very funny. I like funny guys lolol.

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