Sunday, March 15, 2015

#750 - Long Black Cafe / Honey Creme

This was in November. Yes backlog!!

Met the girls for lunch at Long Black Cafe since Chole used to work at IPI last year! There were quite good reviews on their burgers there so we decided to give it a try. :)

 We all upgraded our meals to set, topping up SGD3.90 for the drinks and pumpkin soup above.
It was okay okay only if I recalled correctly.

 Sauteed Mushroom (SGD5.90)
Like tasteless one, Or rather you can just taste the mushrooms. 有被骗的感觉.

 LB Special Beef Burger (SGD11.90)
Pretty good. :D

20 Biopolis Way #01-02
Centros Block
Singapore 138668
Tel 64789945

Lol should be taken by Chole. Eyebrows game strong, eyebags stronger.

 And also queued for Honey Creme in town too.

Love the slight milky taste which went well w the honey comb, but at SGD5.90, it's hell expensive. :O

Actually this entry is just an appetizer lah uh, got a lot of F.A.M. and outings to blog about.
Till then, X

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