Thursday, May 15, 2014

#696 - #throwback Throw until very very back

So I was packing my table yesterday and chanced upon some photos when I was around 5-6 years old? Took some photos of 'em photos (photoception) to share. 

 Disclaimer first, let's just say that period was like my uncutest period lah k!

Omg I look like my dad here!! :O

Most uncute one, spot 到了吗? Lolol. Also the most chorlor one, grandparents always say gor jiam ji gak (5 cents 10 cents in Hokkien) a lot on my shins. Hahaha. Oh and that was like my favourite dress ever back then. Bought by my godmother if I didn't remember wrongly. And my favourite pair of socks because got laceeee. #dontjudge Was so sad when it tore. D: 

 And yea, my hair was always this short. Parents alway tell the hairdresser 平装 oneee. Waeeee.

"Hey whatcha looking at huh huh!" *defensive mode*

One of the five same aged cousins. Compared to since young. 很大的压力有没有?? Same nursery, same kindergarten, same primary school. 

 Didn't help she was my neighbour too and also always topped the class/cohort. I was always second. #humblebrag Damn! 

 See how unwilling my body posture was. #nolahjustkidding

Chronic bitch face since young wtf hahaha.

Somehow I think my short legs look extremely adorable here. I can totally imagine myself running clumsily in those legs and accumulating bruises. One of my favourite things to do then was to climb windows or the main door grills. :P

Guess this explains why I wasn't that much of a girly girl?? Lolol.

All the girls looked so 淑女 w their ponytails and braids. 我呢? Messy hair, happily standing w the guys, legs open so wide.

Actually on second thought, maybe I was forced to hold hands w my brother, the smallest guy in the photo, so I stood there? Mmm. 

 Okay that's all for now. I will dig cuter ones to redeem myself soon!! :D

And if I can't find any, you know one lahh. They say if you were uglier when you were young, you tend to look better as you age. ;) *flicks hair* *smirks* HAHAHA.

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