Thursday, March 31, 2011

#384 -

Sigh, have been sick for the week, down with flu plus sore throat. :(
Worst sore throat in my whole life.
Drank so much water (like 5 bottles) everyday but still no use.

So sad and down I even thought too much that I maybe got throat cancer. *choy, touch wood*
The symptoms of that and sore throat are so similar. (I went to Google it)

Been a long time since I was last sick.
Must be the sick bug that is coming around.
People around me are sick too.

Now I am too lazy to even talk and I cannot sing in the showers anymore.
Nuu. :'(

Heading down to Taka later after work to hand in timesheets and then to ION to get the shoes I am eyeing.
Hopefully retail therapy can make me feel better. :)
If not, I'd pay a visit to the doctor!

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