Sunday, March 27, 2011

#381 -

Hello! :)
This is a update-a-little-with-the-photos-taken-in-my-camera entry.

Been waking up with one single eyelid and one double eyelid lately. 

o.O literally.

Had my virgin try at Frolick the other day!
One free topping and I requested for fruity pebbles.
So dumb dumb, should have asked for the more expensive ones like fruits!

Love the seats at the Frolick outlet near Westmall. :)
Got swing somemore! 

Smiling uneasily because it was somewhat a candid shot plus I was afraid of breaking the swing.
Hahahahha! :X

I want to have this type of swing in my future home someday! :D

Luncher/dinch at Pizza Hut after that.
Long time since I ate there.

 Hut's Platter's now different with the scallop rolls and calamari rings.
Baked Rice used to have only green capsicums and not red ones.
It's been long!

Then again, last time during secondary school days, we were able to scoop our soup of the day on our own.
Love times like that where we got to scoop up more 料!
 And then there's the $6.50 student meal deal at Pizza Hut where I used to have with the girls in Secondary 2!

Sigh, miss those times!


I missed Earth Hour yesterday!
Was having dinner with SHRIMS Extended at Pastamania, update a bit soon. :)

-ends abruptly-

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