Friday, March 25, 2011

#380 - Updates

Hello all, I am 凤飞飞's sister, 凤走走. *rofl*

Finally settled my applications for university, NTU and SMU yesterday.
It's like the burden is lighter now that I've cleared most of it.
SMU, quick! Call me for interview!

Thanks Lynette for all the help in printing and processing payment! :)

Now I am just waiting praying hoping that I get the acceptance letter informing me that I am successful in the application of courses I desire most and not a letter telling me that I've been rejected etc. Many people who score better results than me have applied for SIM and it's making me consider applying for it.

But on second thoughts, it's like not worth it? So expensive (rich asses shut up), and although it's a just-in-case route, I think most of them will get accepted into local universities so what for? Then again, it's the just-in-case route.

Okay whatever, if I continue arguing with myself, I'd start talking in circles.

Anyway, I think I need some dose of retail therapy soon, have been controlling the urge to get a lot of new stuff for very long.
Tops dresses rings wedges sandals flats and many more.

PS: Anyone free this Saturday (i.e. tmrw) to go out with me? Haha.

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