Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#377 - SH_IM_ SS Meet Up

 Dinner at Swensens with this bunch of crazy people the other day, the SHRIMS SS!

Initially it was supposed to be a SHRIMS SS Extended meet up, and ended up, only the shrimmies turned up!
Well 6 of the 8 shrimmies actually with Roger and Salihin not present.
So it should be called a SH_IM_ SS outing technically!

Food food food!
If you're hungry, just faster scroll down, lol.

This is what I ordered: Crayfish Pasta.
Look so big but actually nothing.
The meat inside the crayfish (they gave two) is like equals to two prawns one.
 I feel cheated, Pastamania is DEFINITELY better. 

 All food looked yummy but they're only mediocre.
I think Swensens is only nice for their desserts actually. :/

As usual, the table was full of laughter, I laughed till I cried man.
What's with all the teasings, jokes, and funny encounters everyone share.

Man I miss those times the 8 of us used to study together at night in school.
Going to Limbang/Ananas at Lot 1 to tapau dinner.

And we all used to have our lanyard nametags (girls) also.
*rummages through my Livejournal archives*
Pardon the poor image quality, I blogged with 2mp photos back then.

Headed to Mac after that because Isaac wanna *cough* treat us ice cream. :D

 Hehe Sourheart so cute!

 Thanks Isaac! :)

Took so long for them to settle down to take a group photo and then we faster zao after that because many people were staring already!

So sad that it's not the full SHRIMS SS. :(

Camwhore on the way back...
 Cause we are crazy like that. <3

Might be meeting this bunch of crazy peeps again soon for fun and notyourcommonkind of board games at Haiqel's house soon!
Can't wait. :D

Anyway, I got 2 items for myself while waiting for the rest to arrive that day!
Love love, so easily contented, happy sigh. :)

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