Monday, March 21, 2011

#376 - Bored Die Me

Updated: Laptop fixed!

As you would have known by now, my com died on me one fateful day.

So here's what I've been doing all those days when I go home.

1. Pick Up Sticks

You can never get sick of these.
If I don't remember wrongly, this game has been around since my mum's era.
Wow it's older than me!

At night when there's absolutely nothing to do (tv shows are kind of boring nowadays), my mum will join my brother and I on the floor and we would start playing.
Love times like these. :)

Too bad my dad is not really a family person and he is always busying himself cleaning the dishes, clearing the rubbish etc.
Well, can't be blamed, I think he has a little of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is more towards the cleaning area.
And I also think that I inherited some parts of that. :/

2. Monopoly Deal
I don't have to explain what this is right.

Unless you are like one of my friend who never heard of this before.
When I told her the other day I brought Monopoly Deal, she looked at my bag, noticing it's not that huge and asked me where I kept the board.

3. Magic Tricks
Took part in Project Smile, an IDP Programme during JC days and was given this magic kit for free.

Did my best at trying to recall what tricks I learnt then and perform them.
Quite fail though, because I only remember bits and pieces.
Maybe one of these days when I am free, I'd go learn them online.

4. Books
Yes that's Enid Blyton. :P
I read his books when I was in primary one okay!
Borrowed for nostalgic reasons. *excuses*

I love reading books.
But I am too lazy to read those meant for my age.
I think the story is too long and the content is like super dry.
Everytime I read that kind of books, I confirm will doze off.

So I always visit the young people section and borrows books mean for the 16 years old kids.
They're easier to read and don't require me using too much of my brain.
Eh what, don't judge me.

5. Eat
 My brother and I would cook instant noodles or rummage the drawers for food.
Above photo is something that my brother whipped up by mixing flour, egg, butter and sugar together.
And it tasted surprisingly good. :)

Or I'd get food from outside!

Guess I am really a no life person.
Boring to the core when I don't have the Internet.

And you must be really bored to have read this entry to the end.
Good day! :)

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