Saturday, March 19, 2011

#375 - I ♥ Shopping

Hey. :)

I think I looked a little pajiao and tikopek-looking in this photo, should be because I'm not wearing any contacts plus my lazy eye on the right.
Haha, bad eyesight.

So the other day, I went out with the intention to get my laptop fixed (which is now fixed already), and ended up shopping.
Yay love. :)

3 cheap lovely tops from Cotton On and I realised 2 things after buying them.

1. I got another top in navy blue AGAIN.
2. The navy blue top is for guys.

Haha but I think it could be meant for unisex ok.
Looks okay on me so heck it if it is meant for the guys.

And I got these chio floral and polka dots hair clips. :)
Couldn't resist taking them in different modes.
 Normal mode.

Pure mode.

Elegant mode.
More like vivid mode actually, hehe.

So into floral stuff lately.
Like if I go shopping, my eyes automatically flew to the floral stuff.

Hehe so cute and can match it with my new floral top. :)

And the polka dots one can match with my polka dots top!

Hehe okay that's all.

Nuffnang give me ads please! *puss-in-boots expression*

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