Friday, March 18, 2011

#374 - Couch Potato (Computer Version)?

Here's what I've been watching these few days. :)

Have been hooked on this 2001 show these few days!

Super funny plus can learn how to argue/shoot people! :D
Really love this kind of show, the storyline is funny and you will feel relaxed when watching it.

And when I was searching for the TV poster, I realized that they have a lot of versions!
This is the second part, which is linked to the first part.

 And this is the third part, which is also linked!

And I've completed them all! *waves*
As if it's not enough, they have the show in the modern day version too!

Currently on the fourth epsiode of the modern series.
Yeah I know it's kind of late to be watching this show, but I enjoyed watching the drama when I was young and I don't mind watching it again for nostalgic state! :)

Watched a few movies lately too. :)

Black Swan's my first M18 movie (very late IKR) and it was kind of disturbing. :/

Now I wanna watch this:

And outdated movies like these:
Can't wait for my laptop is (as of today's date) fixed!

Okay thanks bye. :)

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