Thursday, August 18, 2011

#452 - HTC ChaCha

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I can has new phone!!! :)

Before I share here what phone I got (or you already know from Facebook or actually bothered reading my entry's title), I am going to say my long grandmother story explaining why I got a new phone.

One fateful day, my phone's alarm didn't ring for me. (Luckily my body clock woke me up)
And I realised that I could not switch on my phone at all.

This setted me into panic mode because I was heading for school and could not really do without a phone.
So I took out my sim card and tried using the other phones to test what was wrong.
Apparently my other phones were spoilt or whatev shit and I somehow ANYHOW concluded that my sim card was at fault.

It was actually not the sim card's problem but my stupid LG phone when I went to check with the Singtel people yesterday. BOO. (N)

Bye phone, you were great while you lasted.

I will try not to remember the times you suddenly turned off on your own when I just finished typing a 5 pages long sms, when you suddenly hang on me for no reason and I had to pluck out the battery and reinsert it in and start you up again and many more.


Show you all my new phone, HTC ChaCha! :)

It was an impromptu decision for me to get it because there was no spare phones in the house (only my mum's lkk nokia phone *eew*) and since I just signed up this plan where I am enabled to a handset upgrade every year even though my contract has not ended, I thought, why not?

No Blackberry for me because I was somewhat convinced by the Singtel person that it was not a worthy deal!
It's okay, no BBM only.
HTC has free Whatsapp too, if you don't already know! :)

Comes in Modern White, Amethyst Purple and Phantom Black.
I couldn't decide between white or black and settled for black instead since I predict that if I were to get a white phone, it'd just become yellow or dirty in no time.

Touchscreen and qwerty keypad functions both available!
Lika shiok~

How it looks like lighted up!

So happy with my new phone!!! :D

Next gadget I am confirmed getting is a laptop!
I can't wait for COMEX 2011 to come!

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