Monday, February 11, 2008

Sentosa Flower Fair. ♥

DDD: the sun did not wait for me. and peiwen pangseh-ed us.

Sentosa Flower Fair
Met with 8th aunt and 8th uncle together with shimin and my brother at the bus interchange. took bus 188 to harbourfront to meet with kaixin and jiaxin and have our early dinner. as we were sort of rushing for time, we settled for a quick dinner at KFC. the three of us, shimin, my brother and i, (the rest had eaten) had shrooms meal with the side meal change to cheese fries. we had the pasta shrimp cheez too. the pasta shrimp cheez sucks, like totally. it tastes like those breaded shrimp and even though i could see the pasta i was biting into, it taste like nothing. the only thing i could taste was the shrimp and the crust. i was even wondering if they remembered adding the cheese inside or not. such a disappointment. the cheese fries werent any better. there was too much cheese and it makes one wonder whether it should be called fries cheese instead of cheese fries. yuck, the thought of them just make me feel disgusted. i just hope only this KFC outlet (Harbourfront Centre) sells this quality of food, come to think of it, the outlet in Lot1 serves food that taste okay to me. ahh, whatever, i sound like a food critic.

after eating, we went to VivoCity 3rd storey to get our admission tickets to Sentosa and then took the skytrain to the Flower Fair. when we finally reached, there were so many people. O.O then we started camwhoring with the pretty flowers. hahah. darkness came fast but we were still busy camwhoring. the wind was strong and i was loving every moment there. ♥

and oh ya, i remember there was this old hag old lady who is so _______. she asked my 8th uncle to help her take a photo of her next to the flowers and she was like so _______. before she asked my uncle, she had actually asked someone else to help her take, and i overheard their conversation. she was like telling the person who was helping her take the photo to retake her photo again cause she claimed she saw the person's hand trembling and she's afraid that the photo might not be nice. LIKE LOL?! people help you take photo very good alr, still complain so much. yuckyuck. then my uncle was the unlucky one. halfway helping her to take her photo, the memory/battery ran out. so we, yes, WE had to wait for her to change and for our uncle to help her retake the photo again. and she was like asking the others who are also taking photographs at the same place to like 'go away' first cause she want to take a photo. -.- so irritating can, i dont like (her). D:

we stopped at a place for a rest and ate those baby oranges with our 8th aunt brought. and we camwhored again. we had actually wanted to go up to the merlion later, but it was too late and the charges were not worth the money. imagine, 8bucks for a tiring and sweaty climb up to the merlion head just to see the ohsobeautiful night view (ok, i just remember there's lifts to take up to the merlion's head), but still, it's not worth it. i rather buy myself a new tee or something, gahh. :D oh by the way, something random, Subway's just so tempting. we walked past it and the smells kept drifting out. (drools) anyway, we went around walking 'aimlessly' and we saw the luge (skyride) and the go-kart thingy. we had actually wanted to have a try on the go-kart but sad to say, there were too many people queueing up for it and it was almost 9 alr. D: nevermind, i believe we'd have the chance to go on it next time. (:

after a while, we decided to leave Sentosa. And so we boarded the skytrain and went back to VivoCity. We left and went our own ways, with jiaxin and kaixin leaving with their parents who were already there, and the rest of us leaving with shimin's parents and her brother. (:

overall, i guess the trip was great except for the fact that peiwen pangseh-ed us and that the Sun left before i was at Sentosa.

Dear Shufen,

Hello. I have been fine lately. I am sorry I couldnt be there waiting for you to come as I have to go home for my reunion dinner. I waited for you for long yet you did not arrive and it was almost time for me to go. I guess we will still meet again some other time so please do not feel sad. Lastly, I hope you enjoy yourself at the Flower Fair even without my companion. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye and Take Care.

XOXO, with lots of love,
Your friend,
Sun. ♥

Photos coming soon, i've still yet to get the photos from Shimin.
(okay, maybe i should put some that i took/got from others.)




will update on the photos soon. (:

All i wanna do is find a way back into love. ♥

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