Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Rest In Peace, Ah Meng.

does anyone dont know that Ah Meng died on Friday, 8 February 2008? Please, someone tell me that you didnt know that she has died or something if not i'd feel very WOLS to have realised about her death only on Sunday, 10 February 2008. anyway, she was 48.

super sad lah, even though i believe i have never seen her before. but, yeah, she was quite famous leh, then die. luckily she died a natural death, not those sick then die, etc. yeah, and she's considered old alr, her age is equal to a human of around age 95. normally, orangutans living till 40yearsold is alr considered old alr, and miraculously, she lived till 48. and i feel really sad for the zookeeper who was taking care of her. he had took care of her for 34 years alr, which is about 3/4 of Ah Meng's life. it's like having someone you're closed to die. wahhhh, heartpain leh.

lastly, i hope she rest in peace. (one minute of silence.)


the old lady i mentioned about at the flower fair, i realised i've got a photo of half her face! (she's the one at the left, she may look young, but uh-uh.)


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